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East Kalimantan Trip | Day 2/4 : Exploring Islands


Good Morning from Derawan

Yeah!Second day!Couldn’t get more exciting than woke up early (+1 from Jakarta) when everybody was still sleeping back home. We were planning to snorkel and met Whale Shark! Yeap, Whale Shark! You can read about whale shark here


First time Snorkeling

This was my first time to do snorkeling. Some more, the first experience to snorkel was in the middle of the sea! With the Whale Shark too! *o* I was scared at first…but I wouldn’t sink because I was wearing the life vest. I can swim but not that good, so I didn’t trust myself to swim here.


I’m on the left (not the whale shark) :p

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Ennichisai 2016


Konnichiwa! XD

Finally the annual Ennichisai at Blok M was held! It was held on 14 – 15 May 2016. ‘Miracle Power of Love‘ was the slogan for Ennichisai 2016.

What is Ennichisai?

A yearly festival (matsuri) for Japanese culinary, Japan traditional & modern art and culture held at Blok M, South Jakarta since 2010. The festival organized by Blok M Estate Management and Ennichisai Blok M team. There are around 150 stalls that provides food and beverage also merchandise about japan. It attracts up to 200,000 visitors every year.

What is happening in Ennichisai?

FOOODDDSS every where! Takoyaki, yakisoba, kakigouri, taiyaki, ramen, udon, dorayaki, etc. Buutttt! The most interesting is ringo ame. It’s a caramelized apple with stick. It’s so yummy while it’s warm. I tried it last year. 😀 Yum yum~ There are some japan products too like Pocari Sweat, Calpico, etc. Continue reading

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Eat | Thai I love You!


Main Wall in the Restaurant

The other day I tried this new Thai restaurant in town. Dad, mom & lil sis picked me up from work so dad decided to have family dinner nearby. It’s been so long since we had family dinner. I was grateful that we had the chance to dine together.

This was the second time I ate here, first time came here with Mr. F on New Year’s day. My sis told me that she just realized she never had Thai food before. So I let her choose the meals.


Red Curry (Gang Pet)


White Rice


Omelette w/ Crab Meat


Kailan with Beef (Neua Pad Kanar Naman)

The Omelette w/ Crab meat was delicious! Can’t get enough of it. The sweetness from the crab was dominant because the meat mixed inside the egg mixture. They put some crab meat as garnish on top.

Kailan with Beef was fresh & crunchy, which I love to eat veggie that way. The beef was soft and juicy.

The famous Red Curry w/chicken, chosen by Dad, was tasty. It was creamy & rich of spices because there was basil leaves inside to enrich the curry flavor.

The last was Clear Soup (Gang Jued Tao Huu Orn), ordered by Mom, I didn’t took photo for this. It was clear soup with glass noodle come with minced chicken ball, mushroom and garlic. The soup is great to warm your body during rainy season, in my opinion. The chicken ball was delicious! It was a lot & enough for 4 of us.

Overall, it was great to dine here. The place is comfortable & cozy, the waiters was friendly & helpful and the food was delicious. Even dad ordered another bowl of rice. :0


Thai I love You

AEON Mall BSD,Ground Floor (Opposite Krispy Kreme)



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Bake |CJ Beksul Choco Cupcake


Banana & Choco Flavor

I bought this product from AEON supermarket in town. I’m curious about the baking process & flavor. It’s not that expensive though, so I give it a try.

Yesterday I try the chocolate first since my sister dislike banana. You only need to mix the powder from the products and add 1 egg for mixture.


Egg, choco chips, choco powder mix


Mix everything together

It’s stated in the package that it needs to be heated for 1min 20s. I used medium heat.


1min 20s, not dry yet

So I bake for another 1min 20s. Until there’s baking smell from the microwave.


Tadaaa~! XD

It was tasted nice. Not too sweet and not too bitter, it was just right. 🙂 Recommended when you want to have a quick bite. You can add-on ice cream scoop on top too! Yum~


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East Kalimantan Trip | Day 1/4 : Derawan


Kalimarau Airport, Berau

Touch down! We arrived around 3PM local time (+1 from Jakarta, same time like Singapore & Malaysia) after 30 minutes on plane . The airport was small and only 2 planes including ours. The flight was packed with locals who come back home. The weather was hot & humid. Ah..I smell the sea. 🙂

Our mini bus was ready for us at the arrival lobby. We need to go from Tanjung Redeb to Tanjung Batu Port to continue with the speed boat that brought us to Derawan Island. We arrived there around 2 hours trip.


sunset at Tj Batu Port


Arrived Derawan!

Finally we arrived at Derawan island after 30 minutes by speedboat. We stayed at Derawan Beach Cottage & Cafe right at the seaside. The place was nice and it has bridge to the sea. We were all so sticky & sweaty after the long journey, hot weather, sea salts, etc. We were relieved that we finally reached our destination. We took dinner & settled our stuff in the room.

My cousin went to Derawan before and told me to spend me time there and enjoy the nature, the starry sky, the breeze, the sea…. so after dinner I went to the bridge right away to see all the stars! It was so … like.. I don’t know how to explain. This is the second time I see all stars like this. Really pretty..really mesmerizing! I felt like…gosh! Thank God you give me a chance to see your creation! I still can enjoy & stare at this nature beauty which I can’t see because buildings everywhere in the city… light pollution, air pollution.. just wow!


F/3.5 ISO800 BULB for 60s


So amazed!

See! It was amazing! I really no regret that I decided to join this trip. But I somehow regret that I didn’t bring my tripod with me. I was unsure whether should I bring it or will it be heavy or troublesome for me. 😦

The others followed me to the bridge too because I kept telling them that there are stars there. 😀

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I enjoyed the silent there. What I meant silent is that I only can hear the breeze, the tides and people chit chat or shout from other cottage. It was so relaxing and I forgot all the busy & tight working schedule back in town.


Twin bedroom w/ AC & indoor bathroom.

Alright, see you in next post!

– G –

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East Kalimantan Trip | Day 1/4 : Touch Down Balikpapan

IMG_1896.JPGThe shot was captured on the plane to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

I took 6AM flight with the other 19 people in the group. We arrived at Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport (formerly named Sepinggan Airport) after 3 hours flight. The flight was packed with local Kalimantan passengers.

This is my first experience to visit Kalimantan. I was very excited to see the other side of Indonesia. 🙂

We had 5hours to wait for next flight to Berau. So we kill time by travel around Balikpapan city.

We were told that the airport was bigger than the current condition. They renovated & reduced the airport size because it was too big for them. We were surprised because as we know, airport is always busy. So it should be big, right? But they need smaller. XD


Welcoming signage with woman wearing traditional Balikpapan attire

 We rent 2 cars to bring us around Balikpapan. Our first destination is Pasar Kebun Sayur (translated in english : Vegetable Garden Market). At first I really thought that we will go to vegetable traditional market. But when we arrived there, I was surprised that the ‘veggie garden’ is just the name. Silly me. :p


So actually the ‘market’ that we went to, is a place that selling local handicrafts & souvenirs such as, beads bracelets & necklace, fabrics, woven bags, etc. Since in my group are women, they were excitedly looked around to shop! The goods here are cheap! I mean it. You can get the beads necklace for Rp 25,000 and if you buy more, it would be better to bargain more. 😀

Before we headed back to Sepinggan Airport, we filled our tummies with the must-try Black pepper crab (kepiting in bahasa Indonesia) at Restaurant Kepiting Saos KENARI. They are very popular with the crab dishes. Other popular restaurant is Restaurant Kepiting Dandito. We didn’t go there since Dandito is far from the airport.

I tried the black pepper crab and it was very delicious! Even though I was expected the crab to be bigger that it was served, but the flavor & crab melted in my mouth!Superb! Definitely will come back but will try Dandito next time 🙂

Let’s head back to airport!


Amazed with the airport so we decided to wefie here 😀


20 of us

Restaurant Kepiting Saos KENARI

Jl. Marsma R. Iswahyudi No.4, RT 061/05, Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan
(0542) 764018

Restaurant Kepiting DANDITO

Jalan Marsma Iswahyudi No. 71, Sungai Nangka, South Balikpapan, Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan



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The 18th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair a.k.a INACRAFT is one of the biggest annual trade fair in Jakarta. The event was held by the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) with the purpose to improve & introduce Indonesian handicraft to local consumer & overseas. It was started from 20 – 24 April 2016 (sorry for the late post). I came on the last day, hoping to get clearance sale price :p

The 18th INACRAFT 2016 theme was The Splendor of Minangkabau, carrying rich cultural heritage of West Indonesia. Minangkabau is one of the area in West Sumatera.


West Sumatera

Before the entrance, there was a photobooth area with the traditional Minangkabau house image also with 2 images of ladies with traditional dress. Mom requested me to take photos of her :p

I brought her here because this is her favorite thing and she was excited about it. 🙂

There are so many booths inside! From Batiks to seashells handicraft from all over Indonesia and some overseas countries. But I’ll let you peek some of them.

Cute rattan handicraft ideas for storage, bag, decoration

Miniatures of traditional stalls

Miniatures of food cart


Miniature magnets of snacks & cigars

Antique Store!!! *o*

Some recycled stuff


Batik Jeans, this one is unique!

Spend half day inside the expo caused my legs exhausted 😦 See you in next post.