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Bake |CJ Beksul Choco Cupcake


Banana & Choco Flavor

I bought this product from AEON supermarket in town. I’m curious about the baking process & flavor. It’s not that expensive though, so I give it a try.

Yesterday I try the chocolate first since my sister dislike banana. You only need to mix the powder from the products and add 1 egg for mixture.


Egg, choco chips, choco powder mix


Mix everything together

It’s stated in the package that it needs to be heated for 1min 20s. I used medium heat.


1min 20s, not dry yet

So I bake for another 1min 20s. Until there’s baking smell from the microwave.


Tadaaa~! XD

It was tasted nice. Not too sweet and not too bitter, it was just right. 🙂 Recommended when you want to have a quick bite. You can add-on ice cream scoop on top too! Yum~



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