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Ennichisai 2016


Konnichiwa! XD

Finally the annual Ennichisai at Blok M was held! It was held on 14 – 15 May 2016. ‘Miracle Power of Love‘ was the slogan for Ennichisai 2016.

What is Ennichisai?

A yearly festival (matsuri) for Japanese culinary, Japan traditional & modern art and culture held at Blok M, South Jakarta since 2010. The festival organized by Blok M Estate Management and Ennichisai Blok M team. There are around 150 stalls that provides food and beverage also merchandise about japan. It attracts up to 200,000 visitors every year.

What is happening in Ennichisai?

FOOODDDSS every where! Takoyaki, yakisoba, kakigouri, taiyaki, ramen, udon, dorayaki, etc. Buutttt! The most interesting is ringo ame. It’s a caramelized apple with stick. It’s so yummy while it’s warm. I tried it last year. 😀 Yum yum~ There are some japan products too like Pocari Sweat, Calpico, etc.

Clockwise : ringo ame (apple candy), kakigouri (shaved ice), yakisoba (fried noodle), takoyaki (wheat ball filled w/octopus), taiyaki (custard ‘fish’), images taken from Google

I didn’t purchase the food from yesterday because it was so so crowded! But I tried all those food last year. 😀

Stage performance such as Koto and Shamisen (Japanese traditional string instrument), rock band, Japanese singer, traditional dance, etc.


Shamisen Performance

Mikoshi Parade, this is the main performance in Ennichisai. Mikoshi is a portable Shinto shrine. I think Mikoshi Parade similar like Sanja Matsuri in Japan.

‘Shinto followers believe that it serves as the vehicle to transport a deity in Japan while moving between main shrine and temporary shrine during a festival or when moving to a new shrine’ – Wikipedia.

There are 3 teams who carried the Mikoshi, kids, women and men consecutively. They  carried around Blok M area. The last team after all Mikoshi teams was musical float kart with taiko performance.


Front Line


Kids team

Women Team & shout ‘say ya’


Indonesian Men Team


Japanese Men Team & shout ‘wasshoi’


Musical Float Kart


Before end of parade, they swayed the mikoshi up and down and a little to the right and left

‘ the people who bear the mikoshi wave it wildly from side to side to “amuse” the deity (kami) inside. ‘ – Wikipedia


Kids Team


Men Team


w/ random Japanese ojiisan (he asked me to hold his beer)


w/ colleagues : Miya san, Naito san, Shiotani san, Kaseda san

Looking forward for next Ennichisai!



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