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Eat|Sapporo Ichiban Pokemon Noodle




This Sapporo Ichiban Pokemon Noodle Soyu Ramen bought by Mr. F for me when we found it in shojikiya store at 1Utama last week. Can’t stand the cuteness from the packaging!

Let’s see what’s inside..


It comes with 1 collectible seal with various series. I got this thunderbolt pikachu. The kamaboko or fish cakes come with pikachu head image. Found 2 pieces kamaboko on top, wondering how many will I get from this noodle cup. Gotta catch’em all!

Like the usual instant noodle, you need to pour hot water and let it cook for 3 minutes. The pikachu seal supposed to be used to seal the cup lid while it’s cook. But I prefer to keep it anyway. It’s too cute to be thrown away.

Unlike other instant noodle cup, this pokemon noodle doesn’t come with the sauce or ingredients pack to let us mix in the noodle. They served it inside right away.


I was thinking that they only give 2 pieces of kamaboko inside. But actually the Pikachu-s are hiding below the noodle!


I never know that Sanyo is manufacturing foods too. I know that the company producing air conditioning and other electronics. But this soyu ramen from Sanyo is really delicious and worth to buy!



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