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Eat|Raclette Cheese Ramen (New)


Kosyoo Ramen with Raclette on top

Everybody knows Raclette Cheese that currently hype everywhere? It was started from a video in social media that shown raclette cheese was served melted on a steak. It influenced Indonesia too with the raclette cheese on steak, fries, and even ramen!

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Stay| Capsule by Container Hotel, KLIA2


Entrance & Concierge

Hello guys! As promised, I will talk about the Capsule by Container Hotel at KLIA2. This was my experience when I had solo trip. Well not literally solo, but again I came to Malaysia to attend friend’s wedding at Tawau (will share to you guys next chance :D)

I never experience capsule hotel before this. You know, Japan was the first country who introduced this kind of all-in-one compact hotel. So when I know that Malaysia, to be exact in KLIA 2, I directly booked for a 6-hour overnight when I had another trip to Malaysia. Woohoo! This should be fun, I thought! 😀

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Travel

Kuala Lumpur Short Trip|3/3 : Back home


Sorry for the ugly legs lol

Arrived KLIA2 around 12AM in the morning. Thanks a lot to Leong and Sue Teng who brought us here directly from the wedding dinner. Appreciated it so much and I felt so bad to trouble them so much. 😦

We overnight for the next 6 hours in this cozy and spacious container from Capsule by Container Hotel located at KLIA2. This capsule hotel was established few years back which I think is a good idea that helps travelers to rest while waiting for the next flight. I stayed here last year (I’ll review in the later post). I booked this mixed capsule for two with RM80 for each person. This was the first time for me to stay in bigger container. It was very big for us. They provided us with 4 pillows! Love it ❤

I love most of things they have here in capsule hotel. The sharing bathrooms (I don’t mind), the designs, things they provided and many more! They gave us a goody bag with towel, tooth brush, shower cap and wifi password inside.

We were so exhausted that after the refreshing warm shower, we slept right away. Time flew really fast that when my alarm ringing, it took me a few snooze to fully get up from the bed. I wanna sleep moreee……. 😥


our tired faces

We need to catch the 6AM flight. Luckily it was not delayed again on that day. So we could arrived Jakarta on time and rest before another wedding party tonight. Haha.. busy bees.. bzzzz


Pssst..somebody is sleeping~

Bye KL! See you for another wedding party!

Capsule by Container Hotel

Lot L1-2 & 3, Gateway,
Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport