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Eat|Northpole Cafe


to the Northpole we go!

I’ve been craving for these ice cream for quite sometime. So last month I had a weekend to brought mom & sis to the mall. Well the main purpose was to catch some kawaii ice creams special made by Northpole Cafe.

But first! Let’s fill our tummy with some warm food. Yum yum~


Sis’s Fettucine Carbonara (Rp 45,000) was creamy and tasty. The sauce was not so thick and the pasta cooked well. I personally love this kind of pasta sauce. So definitely love it!


Mom’s Aglio e Olio Spaghetti (Rp 41,000) was ordinary like other aglio olios. I thought it would be very oily. But Northpole cooked it very well. The ham really compliment the pasta well. It was not too salty but still can taste the herbs inside. You should give it a try. 🙂


The last one was mine. Since mom and sis chose pasta for lunch, I’d prefer to get rice meal to fill my tummy. Northpole’s Thai Chicken Rice was delicious. (Is it because I skipped my breakfast? O_0) The sauce was sweet and sour which very refreshing. It was not so thick which match with my preference. The chicken was tender and well cooked. But I would suggest them to give a bigger portion perhaps? :p

Ah yes! They are having this kind of ‘magic’ lemonade which can change the color after you pour and mix it together.

I asked my sis to order this to try it out! I know she likes something sour. So it would be a good thing to try!

So basically this Magic Lemonade (Rp 29,000) is a mixture of organic blue tea that when you mixed it with lemonade, it will turn into pink color. Why? (let’s check Google) The natural blue was made from butterfly pea tea which is a natural food coloring. We learn some chemist here!


Caramel Latte (Rp 32,000)

Last but not least! There are always some space for desserts,yes?


Marill, blue yoghurt


Weddle Waffle, salt caramel


Mickey Halloween, thai tea

Finally I catch’em all! I chose Marill because I love blue color and I love yoghurt too. It was hard to decide between Marill or Jigglypuff since both of them are cute! But blue is always win. Haha

Mom always love to eat waffle. So without hesitation she chose Weedle for herself. Salt caramel never disappointing. ❤

My sis were hesitated whether she want to get ice cream or not. But after I persuaded her, she decided to choose the thai tea ice cream for her. I convinced her that it would not be sweet at all. And I was right. It tasted definitely nice, not too sweet and dominant with the tea flavor.

We had no regret to catch these Pokemons even after the Pokemon Go fever is not become the hype anymore. But you need to finish these ice cream fast because it easily melt.

Northpole Cafe

Gandaria City Mall, lvl 1.

021 – 292 36 306



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