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Stay| Capsule by Container Hotel, KLIA2


Entrance & Concierge

Hello guys! As promised, I will talk about the Capsule by Container Hotel at KLIA2. This was my experience when I had solo trip. Well not literally solo, but again I came to Malaysia to attend friend’s wedding at Tawau (will share to you guys next chance :D)

I never experience capsule hotel before this. You know, Japan was the first country who introduced this kind of all-in-one compact hotel. So when I know that Malaysia, to be exact in KLIA 2, I directly booked for a 6-hour overnight when I had another trip to Malaysia. Woohoo! This should be fun, I thought! 😀

So what’s inside? Let’s check it out!

So these photos was my first capsule which located at the upper container at the ground floor. As you can see, the alley was very dark. I got a top container which I should climb from the ladder. It was troubled me since I brought small luggage with me (usually I traveled with shoulder bag or backpack, but I hurt my shoulder from previous trip). I asked the concierge to change to container below. But lucky me, they gave me new container at the first floor!


The wall decoration at the alley to another section upstairs


View from upstairs


All single containers for female


Another staircase to upstairs (right side is the library)


My neighbors

Oops forgot to tell you. Upon checked in, we need to have deposit RM50 or any amount above. After that they will give us a towel, a mineral bottle, room card and a pack of toothbrush and tooth paste. How nice!

It was 1AM in the morning, I was too busy with taking photos :p So it’s time for me to take a bath. I was so tired, dirty, oily and yeah..I need a shower. Haha Don’t worry for you ladies. They divide the area clearly between female and male area, especially the bathroom.


View from the entrance


Hello Ninja!



View from the inside to the entrance

I took a shower around 2AM, when there were still some people took shower too. I was lucky that I don’t need to queue. So I really enjoy relaxing while showering. It feels so fresh!

The sharing bathroom was very clean. It seems everyone really care about the public cleanliness. The interior was raw which I like it. So efficient, simple yet no need so much to maintain.

There are 2 toilet cubicles for you to have your me time there :p and the other 3 cubicles are for shower. It has folded door which not that big. The cubicle itself I can’t say very big either. If you don’t want to trouble yourself by bringing some soap and shampoo with you, don’t worry. They have it inside each cubicles. Note : they don’t have so much hanger inside. Please bring a pouch or small bag to fit all your shower needs. It would be nice if you bring slippers with you for showering. It was not slippery, but I’d prefer not to walk with bare feet.


inside my capsule


multi-function folding table & mirror


personal safe box


shoe box, so cute


Fits perfectly for me, sorry for the mess


view from the corridor when lights on

I really took my time to capture some photos..haha I was so excited! Just for you to concern, if you want to leave your container, it would be better to turn off the light so that people from the outside could not see what’s inside, your stuffs or whose inside. Well I did not lose anything, but it will be better to prevent bad things to happened.

Each capsules are provided with air conditioner. So if you feel to cold you can just take out the card from the card slot and the AC will turned off so does the lights.

The bed was clean so does the pillows and blanket. You had telephone there if you want the concierge to do wake up call. There is small folding table where you can use it to write, put your laptop there or just put your phone, etc. You can charge your electronics with the power socket provided. The capsule only covered by 1 roller blind. No locks so if you want to keep your valuables, you can keep it at the safe box at the corner and lock it if you have.

If you just don’t feel sleepy yet, you can spend sometime at the library area where they have lots lots of books to read! From the library, you can see the bus station there where many passengers are waiting for the buses to come.

Or you can chilin’ at the Capsule Bar just beside the concierge where you can enjoy the beers, juices, or soft drinks while meet other travelers from around the world. Don’t worry about the internet connection. They have free wifi for you to connect to just check emails, googling or even update your social medias.


the library

I’d like to suggest you to book in advance online at http://capsulecontainer.com/reservation.html because it will save your time waiting or lining up when everybody just arrived. It happened to some tourists that wanted to check in upon arrival but unfortunately it was full house. FYI, it cost me RM80 for 6-hour overnight.

Overall I was so pleased to have great experience here! Thank you for the owner who brought this hotel concept to Malaysia!

Capsule by Container Hotel

Lot L1-2 & 3, Gateway,
Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport

Phone: 03-76102020
Email: info@capsulecontainer.com / http://capsulecontainer.com/



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