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Eat|Raclette Cheese Ramen (New)


Kosyoo Ramen with Raclette on top

Everybody knows Raclette Cheese that currently hype everywhere? It was started from a video in social media that shown raclette cheese was served melted on a steak. It influenced Indonesia too with the raclette cheese on steak, fries, and even ramen!

This time, I tried the cheese with ramen. I tried the ramen at Universal Noodle Ichiro Ramen at AEON Mall BSD City. This ramen shop served many types of noodle such as, original, green tea, sakura, udon, wheat (soba) and with 2 kinds of thickness either thin or thick-curly. Don’t forget to choose the thickness of the soup according to your preference from light, standard or creamy.


I ordered the Kosyoo Ramen (light soup), ramen rich with broth with some peppers that come with the Raclette Cheese. The waiter came with a metal bowl, specially used for raclette cheese menu. The ramen came without the soup poured in it then the waiter came and burn the cheese at our table so the cheese served very fresh. As the cheese melted, he cut the cheese and put it on top of the ramen. You can see the video from my instagram here .

The Kosyoo ramen itself was delicious with the broth rich with the peppers. I personally love spicy foods so I had no regret ordered this ramen. The light soup that I chose fitted well with the cheezy-ness from the raclette. The soup was definitely tasty that I even slurp it until empty. Haha (maybe I was too hungry)

While I ordered Kosyoo, Mr. F had Butao Ramen (standard soup), the broth had been cook for 18hours without coconut milk and milk. If you don’t know whether the ramen is chicken or pork, it’s written in the menu, Tori Ramen means Chicken Ramen and  Butao Ramen means pork ramen. But the waiter will still ask you whether you want chicken or pork.


Butao Ramen

Ichiro Ramen is located inside AEON Mall 3rd floor in the Ramen Village area. Ramen Village is a special area that consists of many ramen shops that originally come from Japan (some shops opened in Jakarta few years ago, but the owner is Japanese).

Ichiro Ramen was the only shop that offered refill for your ramen unlimited as long as you still have the soup in your bowl. You can choose a different type of noodle each time you refill the ramen. It suits me and Mr. F since we eat a lot. :p From time to time, it influenced the other shops to offer refill system too. But it still doesn’t affect Ichiro’s crowd.

As typical japanese restaurants served ocha / green tea in a standard cup, Ichiro has a ‘huge’ glass served for hot ocha or cold ocha. I and Mr. F can shared this 1 ocha together. Haha.. it was a lot!


Comparison with Mr. F ‘s big hand

Universal Noodle Ichiro Ramen

Ramen Village 3F, AEON Mall BSD City.





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