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Eat| “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Hubble Scoop Creamery

Who doesn’t know the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s? It was popular by Audrey Hepburn in 1961. But this is not about Audrey Hepburn’s movie. This is about something creamy and delicious! Yum~

I went out myself to visit this coffee shop in the city that recommended by my friend. Kick-ass Coffee is the name of the shop. As I rarely came around this area, I’m not really familiar where the location is. There were no signboard at the outside of the shop and there were scaffolding by the entrance. So I thought I got the wrong address. But let me try another turn. It has the correct address.

I asked the staff at the entrance whether it was the correct coffee shop. It was true! So let’s see what’s inside~


The front entrance (you can see the scaffolding on the right)

(Did not really recognize the signage since the first name is Hubble Scoop Creamery) This coffee shop sells ice cream too!

As I entered, the barista greet me friendly! Well I was the very first customer of the day. They were still preparing the opening when I arrived. Pardon me 😐



I do love coffee but since I haven’t fill my tummy yet with breakfast, I’d prefer something tiny but strong to energize me all day! I chose a cup of Piccolo, which usually served in small cup. I loved Piccolo because even though it is served in tiny size, I can taste the espresso strongly while the milk balance the espresso flavor.

While the barista was roasting the coffee, I wandered around the shop.


I sat in front of the counter


Sofas opposite mine



Group tables beside my sofa

Behind the cashier counter they have long ice cream counter with so many beautiful yummy names where you can try all flavor (if you want to :p ). You can ask the barista to try. He offered me to try some of the ice creams. Well I’m an ice cream lover too but to have it with empty tummy? Hmm..



I tried some of the flavor like Let it be SundayLemon Lemon (s0 fresh!), Honey Lavender (this is so yummy! A taste of honey with lavender scent), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (pancake flavor ice cream with bacon bits & brown sugar). Everything was so tempting! I hardly made my decision. At last, I decided to try this bacon ice cream for my ‘breakfast’. :p

You can choose to be served in a cone, a paper cup, ice cream glass bowl or even a cone in a cup!


It was a sunny morning which I think it was not too bad that I decided to have an ice cream (with coffee too..haha).


Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a unique way enjoy your bacon pancake as breakfast. 😀 It is not too sweet as an ice cream and the bacon add some salty taste to the ice cream. This is new to me, I think this flavor become enter my favorite ice cream flavor list! 🙂 The ice cream is a homemade and not melt that fast.


The Piccolo came! It was served in a not-so-tiny cup which is unusual but I don’t mind. 🙂



Overall I’d love to revisit this coffee shop again. The barista was friendly and helpful, I want to try other unique ice cream flavors from Hubble Scoop Creamery and the coffee was tasty 🙂


Kick-ass Coffee & Hubble Scoop Creamery


The Icon Business Park C1

Jl BSD Raya Barat

BSD City – Indonesia

+62 856 9400 1397

08.00 – 22.00



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