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Kuala Lumpur | Grace’s wedding


Time flies very fast. We were university students few years ago, now my friends slowly one by one are getting married. Grace is one of my university friend. We were classmates since foundation till we graduated in 2011.

Since I knew her, I know that she had a boyfriend which always support her. Finally, in last November, they vowed and celebrated their wedding at Kuala Lumpur. So happy for them!



Anyone interested in these little ladies? :p


You know, why I always tried my best to attend almost everyone’s wedding? Because they were my family when I’m alone in Kuala Lumpur. They are my friends also my family because we helped each others during hard times and celebrated happiness together. Even though it was only me who came abroad, but only few are KL citizens. So I want to celebrate their happiness too. 🙂


Wedding party means meet-up time!! Last month was Suew Yeng’s wedding in October! She attended too!


October’s Bride!


So happy to see as we aged, we are still in touch, support each other and still visit each other! Some friends came from other cities only for the wedding! 🙂

This is the first time for me to attend a buffet-style wedding. Since I always had banquet-style wedding. 🙂




Two chocolate balls!


It was a windy rain this morning, it feels like autumn!!




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