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Eat |小肥羊火锅城 Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant


After attended Grace’s wedding, we visitted 1Utama shopping mall because me & Mr. F wanted to check the mall design. 1Utama was listed in 1 of most biggest shopping mall in Asia.

My friend Leong, then brought us to Uptown Damansara area for dinner! He introduced us to this steamboat restaurant, Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant. It means Little Fat Lamb in english. Hehe.. it’s been such a long time since I ate steamboat here. Yum~

We could choose 2 different soup. But since not everyone can eat spicy food, then we chose 1 kind of soup, Herbal Soup. They are popular for it’s mongolian style steamboat. It was raining that day, so it was perfect to have some warm soup for dinner..aahh~

They ordered so many meats and veggies and other foods. Their dining ware come with plastic cover to protect the dining ware from dirts after they disinfectant it. This is my first to experience this kind of services which was good. That means the restaurant care for the hygiene.  🙂


Our foods here!


Took photo while waiting to boil


nom nom nom


Let’s eat!!

I love the soup! It was a tasty herbal soup, I felt so healthy :p The meats were so fresh so did the fishes and veggies. :9

We were very very full even though there were 7 of us! We were all happy to have full tummy! XD Thanks to everyone, they were not allowed me and Mr. F to pay >o< I felt happy but also troubled them so much to pay for both of us.

小肥羊火锅城 Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant

No. 40G & 42G, Jalan SS21/ 62, 47400 Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya




2 thoughts on “Eat |小肥羊火锅城 Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant

  1. Used to pass by this resto whenever I went to 1U, but never got down to trying it. Looks delicious! Will round up some friends to go check it out soon 🙂


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