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Eat | S H U G A T O R I


People said, ” There is always a room for desserts “

Well it happened to us too! After we filled our tummy with the steamboat, even we said we were very full, we looked for some desserts or coffee shops around the area. Hahaha..

Shugatori was recently opened on 18th November 2016 (we were there in November) not too long before we visited it. The place was simple yet homey. My kind of place. 🙂

There were not so many people when we arrived, maybe because it was after dinner time. So we were easily get our tables for 7 of us. Me and Leong went to order at the counter.



Love the green wall



Leong ordered some of the desserts :

Yin & Yang (RM 21.9), their signature charcoal and classic waffle with minty mango and strawberry compote, roasted almond nib, meringue crisps and a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream.


Local Temptation (RM23.9), Pandan-indulged pancake handcrafted with coconut jam, toasted grated coconut, a scoop of premium coconut ice cream and local palm sugar.


Rose Latte (RM 14), I chose this drink because I think it’s unique. It tasted like the same latte but with rose scent when you drink it. 🙂


Affogato (RM 15)


Overall, it the waffle and pancake were delicious. Love the ambiance too. Good & friendly services from the staffs. 🙂









Everybody was busy updating the instagram :p



Thanks for today! That was fun!


Shugatori Dessert Cafe

95G, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400

+603 77322 588




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