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Eat | Yellow Brick Road


Yellow Brick Road’s slogan

Have a breakfast in the morning, will energize your day! On my last day in KL, Linxin & KS brought me & Mr. F to Damansara area to meet our friends, Manyoke & Hui Hui. It’s been a while since I met them. 🙂


This is my first time to visit this area. Yellow Brick Road is one of cafe in the Jalan Batai area, a new complex with supermarket and restaurants.


Hui Hui – Manyoke

There were so many delicious foods that tempted me! I hardly chose which one to eat! Whether to have a pancake or poached eggs. Love them both!

Mr. F chose The Breakfast Pancake (RM 22), 2 stacks of thick pancake served with crunchy granola, creamed yoghurt with honey, topped with cranberries, mangoes, passionfruit and blueberries. Garnished with chocolate shavings. img_5328


The Breakfast Pancake & Hot Dark Chocolate

As it listed in the ‘sweet’ section, I expected it to be as sweet as milk pancake but it wasn’t! The pancake itself has a plain flavor to balance the sweet-sour flavor that came from the fruits. The yoghurt was very smooth with little sweetness from the honey and the crunchiness from the granola. It’s like you are having fun while eating this, you have sweet-sour-bitter from all the toppings and different textures all in one!

Since Mr.F chose pancake to eat, I decided to have poached eggs for me! (because I can have a bite from his pancake ;p)

I chose Eggs Norwegian V2.0 (RM 27), Two poached eggs on cornflake-crusted french toast with sautéed mushrooms, fried onion rings and house-cured dill-infused-salmon with hollandaise sauce.



Single Origin Chocolate w/ milk

Salmon & Poached eggs, my love! Had both of my favourites in the morning really made me happy 🙂 Well this is just my opinion, but having a good start in the morning will energize or give a good mood to continue the day.

The salmon was very fresh it was cut consistently in same thickness (not everyone can cut salmon very well). The cornflake-crusted french toast was crunchy with some saltines. The sautéed mushroom was delicious, I love it! The onion rings were fried well, not too dry, just nice. 🙂 Last but not least, I always save the best for the last, poached egg! For eggs, I have my own to eat it. The poached egg was not so big so I can put it inside my mouth (sorry if it makes you feel gross). but I love the feeling of the egg burst in my mouth. :9

Single Origin Chocolate w/ milk (RM 13), this is my first time to see chocolate also have a single origin! Well the waiter didn’t tell me where the chocolate origin was but this dark chocolate was yummy! 🙂


Papa bear with his big breakfast

KS ordered The Big Breakfast Bash (RM 30), you can have a customized breakfast whether you want to have sunny side up or poached or beef or chicken sausage, etc. Here, he had poached eggs with turkey ham and beef sausages. Served with mixed beans, hash brown, sweet potato, vine tomatoes, mushrooms and toasted rye bread. Big breakfast suits this papa bear! :p


Moussaka! (RM 24) ordered by Linxin was a savoury pancake served with roasted eggplants, sautéed mushrooms, cheese sauce, minced spiced beef and fresh pomegranate. This is my first time to see pomegranate in savoury pancake dish. How can pomegranate match with the food? But when I tried it, the pomegranate gave some juicy and crunchy feeling when you eat them together with the pancake. I’m not a fan of eggplant, but this roasted eggplant was delicious!


Manyoke’s food was Much Room for Mushrooms (RM 24) which was pancake with creamy assorted mushrooms, beef bacon bits, curry leaves, spiced croutons and truffle oil.

We took some wefie photos before Hui Hui left to teach music class.



Thanks to Linxin’s selfie stick!

Last but not least, that day was Mr. F’s birthday!! Me & Manyoke sneak to ground floor to buy 1 piece of cake for him. There were so many cakes to choose! I chose a cake that has granola on top, he loves granola! We requested the waiter to help us to give to Mr. F.


Happy Birthday! ❤


Limxin, KS, Manyoke


Me & Mr.F

Had a great breakfast & morning stroll around the complex with them. Would like to visit Yellow Brick Road to try some other menus! :9

Yellow Brick Road

7, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 5481 5033

Open : 09.00 – 16.00, 18.00 – 22.00




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