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Japan | Day 1/14 : A dream came true

Have you ever had your dream come true? My childhood dream was granted last December which was to step my foot in Japan. I do love Japan, all of it, since I was a kid. There were so many anime and manga that I watched and read up until now. Well it may sounds cheesy, but I can’t even have my soul in my work since November because counting down to the day. I was imagining how will I reacted when I arrived in Japan on that day. Will I cry? Will I shocked? It’s like, ‘Finally I achieve my childhood dream, finally it came true!’.  *sniff* (even when I’m writing right now, I still feel touched, shame on me..haha)

It was exactly a month ago, me and Mr.F departed from Jakarta to Narita which was on 22nd December 2016. It should be 4 of us but the other two friends can’t make it because of other plans. We booked our ticket last February as soon as Mr. F see the ANA website showing December ticket availability! It was cost Rp 7,387,900 for 2-way tickets. It was affordable! We expected it will be more than 10 million rupiah since it was peak season. So happy! So here I am, starts to flashback and share my trips with you guys 🙂

22nd December 2016

Finally on-board! We took the earliest flight,it was 06.25 in the morning! So excited! Even though we had few hours to sleep last night. Lucky me, I got the window seat!


Window seat is always my favourite since I can capture the outside through the window. I’m grateful that mostly I got the seat without me booked it specially. This was my longest flight ever! It took us around 7 hours direct flight to Narita International Airport. I killed time by watching some movies that I missed due to overload project that we handled right now. This was my first time to be on board with Japanese airlines. It was almost the same as other flights but the difference was how the staff treated or appreciate their customer. what surprised me was when I saw 3 man at the airport waved to the plane and even bowed! So cute! (i always imagined them as Lego man haha)


Wave & bow

Even though this may look unimportant or just a small thing to other people, but I’m grateful to see this kind of culture. It’s like showing gratitude towards customers and their job. 🙂


06.39 sun

Around 2 hours in flight, finally we received our meal! I was waited for this since I haven’t taken breakfast yet. Mr. F booked for me the low-fat meal. So here was my meal :



Slice of ham and salad


Spinach omelette, baked potato, tomato and brocolli


Fruit platter, so colorful!

I love the omelette that I had :9 It was soft but very healthy because of the spinach. ❤


Above Philippines

Another 3 hours after breakfast, the stewardess gave us light snack. I got ham & cheese sandwich.


Finally I can see Japan after 7 hours flight! This will be my first winter too. 😀

But…it wasn’t looked as I expected. I expected it to be all white land covered in snow. 😦


Everything was dry and without snow 😦


This is Jakarta

There were big differences when I see the land. But again, I realized that was winter in Japan. So don’t expect to see more plantation.


Finally! Finally! Stepped my foot in Japan! I didn’t cry as what I expected, but I couldn’t hide my smile and high energy.


After immigration


We did not book for portable wi-fi but we rent a data sim card (not phone simcard, this is just for data) for 2 weeks. So we only need 1 phone with data, the other just connect from the hotspot. You can check it out here . We thought this is quite affordable than using portable wi-fi. You can request them to send to the post office in the airport. So you can connect to internet as soon as possible. 🙂

We took ¥1,000 bus to Tokyo station as soon as we done everything. It took around 1 hour to reach there.


Candid some obaasan (grandma) just arrived. Reminds me in the anime where obaasan came from village to the city to visit their children and family


Tokyo Train Station exterior


Under renovation



Black & White squad (typical Japanese work attire)

We are going to Omotesando area, since our night bus bound to Osaka will be depart around there.

First, we took our dinner at COMMUNE 246, I was lucky I still can visit them since they planned to do renovation from 28th December 2016 and will be opened on 21st January 2017. Anyway, Commune 246 is a place where you can rest, have some chit chats with friends, chill out, grab some beers, enjoy the art exhibition at, many more!

Omotesando is a centerpiece in the trendy Minami Aoyama area. Commune 246 is a place where everybody in many ages or other types of people such as business worker, tourists, students, foodies or artists gather here. It’s a community, a space, a lunch or dinner spot, or even your work space. They have outdoor seating and indoor seatings where you can warm your body in the chilly winter night.



A food stand specialist for vegetarian



Indoor space



You can have a night here (please check the availability)


There were so many interesting food stand with delicious-looking foods too! So hard to choose! But finally I visited Cori Vegan Food Stall and grab their Hot Ginger Apple Soda & Falafel Sandwich! (they understand a little english, but I did not have any obstacles when ordering foods)

This was my first time to eat vegetarian sandwich. It was so pretty! I had some problems eating it..haha..the hot ginger apple soda was very nice! It warm my body…even though it’s named ginger apple soda, the soda was not very strong but the main flavor came from the lemon also the apple.

After we filled our tummy and got our body warm, we stretched our legs walking to the bus station. Unfortunately, the google maps brought us to the wrong distance. We struggled climbing so many train stations’ staircases then we troubled with our luggage, each of us with 1 luggages (because after some time if felt heavier due to fatigue) then we needed to walk around under windy heavy rain (I saw many Japanese had their umbrellas broken because of heavy wind).


What we did when we saw staircases (some train station doesn’t have elevator and escalator, especially metro stations / subway)

Finally, we lost our bus. We missed it… was a big failure that we unexpected to experienced on the first day (we never wished it to happened too). I was too tired..I can’t blame Mr. F too, can’t even blamed the Google Maps. We were wet from the rain..I felt guilty to him because I couldn’t cheer him up about this. Both of us felt exhausted. He left by himself while I was sitting there with our luggage. He bought another ticket for tomorrow night to Kyoto. No more availability for morning bus. Then, we need to walk to find a place for the night.


Mr. F under the rain 😥

We overnight at capsule hotel around the area. I even can’t remember the name and the place. 😦

Have you ever had a dream come true? Share with me! I wanna know 😀

Commune 246

3 Chome-13 Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Open : 11.00 – 22.00 (each stall has different operation hours, please check the web)

*Please travel light when you have a trip to Japan 🙂



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