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I’ve been missing in action

I’ve left this blog for around 10 months and left my Japan trip last year hanging. Very very sorry! (.__.)

I’ve started to become busier since February until last month (and will be busy again next year) 😦

First, I was busy preparing for the 2nd store project of one of Japanese retail. Our store is located in Cakung – East Jakarta. It’s grand opening was in the end of October. So yeah, everybody was busy until the day! I was staying in a rental room provided from my office around that area. Because it will be a hassle to always come back and forth from my home at other province to depart to Cakung everyday.


view from site office, Feb 2017


my team


the Grand Opening ceremony


Second, me & Mr F was planning for our wedding. We bought a house which should be start to build next year by the developer (we saved our money for the down payment). Then we went to some wedding exhibitions this year to gather the information, calculate budgets and find some inspiration for us. We went around many places to survey and meet the marketing for the wedding halls.

Third, after done all the 2nd store opening, we prepared for our engagement day. We went to see a person who can calculate a good day / date for us (well this is following chinese culture & beliefs). Actually both of us planned to have engagement date on 03 December 2017. We were so glad that the man predicted that it was a good date for us this year! We didn’t even tell him about our plan! Then since my zodiac is horse and his is dragon. Dragon will not have a good year next year (according chinese belief). So it’s not suggested that a dragon to hold a wedding next year (it will be a year for dog zodiac). We plan to have it in 2019. We got March for our wedding month. 🙂

I’ll return to Japan trip post soon!




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