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Bali | 1/4 : Cousin’s Holy Matrimony & Depart to Bali



In October, my cousin held his wedding to his 11-years girlfriend. The wedding was held in 2 days, a day for Holy Matrimony and the other as the wedding dinner in Bali.

The Holy Matrimony was held at Regina Caeli Church, Jakarta. It was an honored to be part of the wedding as the carrier of church offerings.






Here comes the bride



My dad as the lector


Regina Caeli Church interior


us after the matrimony

An hour after the matrimony and lunch party, me and some of the cousins rushed to the airport to catch a flight to Bali. Unfortunately, Mr F couldn’t join to Bali because he needed to work the next day (well it was still in the first week of mall grand opening).


See how crowded is Jakarta




she is so tiny carrying her little luggage ❤


this is only us in the bus!







Our make up that day was brushed by my junior in highschool together with her mom as the hairstylist. You can visit her instagram at @benemakeupartist





Vouk Hotel & Suites as our place to stay for next 2 nights. I’ll share it in the next post!


Regina Caeli Church

Jl Mediterania Boulevard No.1

Pantai Indah Kapuk





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