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Finally yesterday was the last working day of the year (I hope). Nah…I only have holiday on the Christmas and New Year. The rest of the weekday still gonna be a normal day………….. *sigh


I went to meet up with my besties last night. We tried the new open restaurant nearby Olivia’s house. It was just 5mins walking distance! So convenient. It might be a new meet up place for us. Instead going to shopping mall.


Atlast Kahve & Restaurant, was open on 11 December 2017. They are still having their soft opening promotion, BUY 1 GET 1 for selected food & beverage.

There were only us and other table occupied with a small family when we went there. This place is new so some people still not know this place yet. Or maybe some people had their Christmas – New Year vacation to other cities.

The staffs were very friendly, they were so helpful and informative about the menus. I always appreciate good service in every restaurants. As you know, with the culinary lifestyle trend now, people tend to open their own business, big or small, with the same or similar menus. So for me, services are always the reason for me to re-visit the same place other than the menus or the ambiance.


Like typical coffee shops, they have a coffee bar nearby the entrance with the same interior finishes concept like most of coffee shops in Jakarta (it’s in trend for few years now). These cement rendered floor finish is always my favorite since uni-life. This place is become one of my inspiring interior for my future house which I always wanted. Those 3 photos above are the views that you can see as you entered this space.


There are bar chairs provided at the outdoor section for smoking area, it is just in front of the coffee bar. This smoking area is connected with an alley to the backyard with bench and hanging lights (really my future home concept!).



view from our table

Let’s go back to the main reason to meet up last night : Christmas exchange gift! Yeaay! We played a secret santa. So nobody knows who will be the santa. But since there were only 3 of us, we easily guess who will be our santa. Hahaha. I gave to Nana, then it must be Nana to Olivia then Olivia to me.


Olivia, got a present from Nana a massage figure twister because she thinks that Olivia needs it for work out at home. Nana hope that Olivia will get more healthy life next year.

I, received the present from Olivia. A blue ceramic tea mug with strainer which coincidentally I was thinking to buy similar thing from Miniso last week! I drink green tea almost every morning in the office, but last time I bought the green tea leaf instead the tea bag. So it’s quite troublesome to drink it in normal mug. I’m so glad to get this! 😀

Nana, well instead a healthy life, just like Nana to Olivia, I hope she will take care of her beauty next year. So I gave her many face masks, foot mask, eye mask, hand mask and a body lotion. She was happy because she wanted to buy an eye mask too recently! What a coincidence.


Let’s roll to the food review~~


Our foods

I ordered ‘Saturday Night Out’ – IDR 78,000

A pan seared chicken stuffed with creamy spinach wrapped with prosciutto, served with mix veggies, baby potatoes, carrots, asparagus, baby corns, champignon, and  cheese sauce.

Like the description above, these were all I got. Minus the asparagus and champignon. I think the long beans served here because the asparagus wasn’t available. Unfortunately, 2 of the baby potatoes I had were still raw! It wasn’t cook at all, still has the earth-soil taste when I bite it. 😦 I told the waiter about it, he was apologize and inform to the chef.


Saturday Night Out


The chicken was good!Love the spinach inside. 🙂


Fish Finger with potato wedges

I chose fish finger as the free food promotion. The fish was delicious, crunchy and fresh. But the potato wedges is ordinary. The tartar sauce was so gooood!

Nana ordered ‘Fettucine Bolognese’ – IDR 58,000. The sauce was delicious unlike the ready-to-cook sauce in supermarket. But I think the portion is quite small (for me :p)

Olivia ordered ‘Chicken Berg’ – IDR 56,000. She said it was delicious too. I didn’t tried hers yesterday. But it seems like ordinary burger to me. Since she doesn’t like veggies. She gave her coleslaw to me. It was nice at first but after sometime, it taste a little bit salty. So I didn’t finish it.

Oh, another mistake was that I ordered Hot Mocha then I got Cold Mochacino instead. But it was not a big problem so I don’t complained.

Here’s the menus :


The current promotions are :

  • FREE 1 Light Bites (except Nachos and Vietnamese Spring Roll) with purchase of 1 meal from ‘For the Hungry’ or ‘House Burgers’
  • FREE 1 Ice Tea with purchase of 1 beverage from ‘Espresso Based’ or ‘Non Spro & blended’

Don’t forget to swing by during opening promotion period with your friends!





Atlast Kahve & Restaurant     @atlast.kahve

Jl Kelapa Gading Barat Blok CB3 No.7      Gading Serpong

Sun – Thur 07.00 – 21.00 | Fri – Sat 07.00 – 23.00







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