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Bali | 2/4 : Geger Beach


view from 4th floor balcony to the beach

Woke up to see the sunrise from the top floor of the hotel, 4th floor. Well, the sunrise was earlier than we expected. It was 6AM when me & sis arrived there. It was a bit cloudy, I’m worried for that night’s weather. Hopefully it wouldn’t rain when the party start.


a clear view of the hotel


swimming pool view from breakfast cafe

After we had our breakfast, we pack our things to depart to a beach nearby the hotel. We needed to use the shuttle from the hotel (it’s FREE) to the beach. It’s a private beach owned by Mulia Hotel. So technically, only Vouk customers can have the free access to    this private beach.


my nephew


our shuttle











You can check the shuttle service schedule from Vouk to Geger Beach at the concierge counter at the drop off lobby. Just in case you might need it, I took the photo for the schedule. There will be 2 shuttles, to Geger Beach and to Bali Collection. Bali Collection is a place where you can buy souvenirs and local products.



The shuttle is small, it fits for 10 person at a time. It took us approximately 10 minutes  in driving distance.


It may be because of private beach, not so many visitors here. But I heard if you are not the hotel resident, you can enter the beach with certain amount of fees.


the lady is swimming with her hat on :p


my niece was left out by her parents 😦


local Balinese with stray dogs


Let’s go find your parents!


Our cousin’s wedding dinner venue for the night


this supposed to be the photobooth


What I bring with me :

round rattan bag from

beach hat from H&M Indonesia

fuji instax mini 25








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