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Bandung | 3/5 : Mimiti Coffee


Mimiti Coffee recently move to new place which is located nearby ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) at Jalan Sumur Bandung No.14. Previously it was located at Jalan Karangsari No.1 . Mimiti Coffee is one of the hippiest coffee shop in town where they have a very breezy outdoor seating area. They open early in the morning, 8AM, which means you can enjoy their coffee early if you arrived Bandung in the early morning.

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Nu Art is a sculpture park owned by Nyoman Nuarta, one of the most popular sculptor in Indonesia. Opened in 2000, Nu Art exhibits his works from earlier career until current works. His most popular sculpture is Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) in Bali which still on going until now.


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Bandung | 3/5 : Nu Art by Nyoman Nuarta

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Bandung | 3/5 : TWO HANDS FVLL


My Morning Energy!

Finally I can sip a cup of coffee on the third day in Bandung. ❤ Finding this place was kinda hard. Because the signage was not so big to be seen. Some more this cafe also sharing the building with a property company where the company signage is bigger. There was a big bus parked at the parking lot (it added up our hesitation to enter the place). The coffee shop is located at the ground floor where the property company occupied the first floor.

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Bandung | 2/5 : Farm House


Hello from Hobbiton! Nah! I’m kidding! We came to Farm House, Lembang which is famous with the Hobbiton replica. You can see the comparison between me and Mr.F height with the Hobbit door! I’m so petite!

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Bandung | 2/5 : Floating Market


Floating Market..hmm..what’s come into your mind when you hear it? A market with hot air balloon? A market on the water? The answer is the second one. This place is a one stop place where you can eat, enjoy the scenery, playing with animals (sheep, chicken, duck, rabbit, etc), buy souvenirs, and so on.

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Bandung | 2/5 : Lereng Anteng


Lereng Anteng was his destination in Bandung. We saw this place in some articles that reviewed it. Finally, we not only read it but here we are!

Lereng Anteng located at Lembang area, highland area in Bandung. In my opinion, ‘Lereng’ means hill and ‘Anteng’ means calm or silent. In fact, it was quiet here! You can enjoy the view and the cold weather.

In this area, there were some restaurants or cafes. If I’m not mistaken there were around 5 places to eat. One of them is Lereng Anteng.

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Bandung |1/5 : Paskal Food Market


Din-din-dinnerrrr time! It was raining that day (well it’s January-rainy season in Indonesia). Luckily we had poncho raincoats in our motorbike. Yea, we rent (technically borrowed) a motorbike from his colleague who stays in Bandung. Why we choose motorbike instead of car? We understand that it will be more comfortable for us to enjoy our trip and highland trip rather than motorbike. But…..I remind Mr. F again that there will be some traffic jams along the way. So we decided to choose the motorbike. We brought our raincoats from home just in case his colleague didn’t provide us one. He provided us 2 helmets too!

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