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Bali | 3/4 : Monkey Forest Ubud


The next day after the wedding dinner, we went to some tourist places in Bali. First we depart for Monkey Forest at Ubud or The Sacred Monkey Sanctuary. From the hotel, we go through the new Bali highway which passes the seaside. If I’m not mistaken, the highway officially opened recently.











Around an hour was our trip to Monkey Forest. This was the second time for me to visit here. Last time was many years ago, I was still studying in senior high school. This place has been improved since the last time I came.











The entrance fee is Rp 50,000 for local visitors. I’m sorry I don’t remember how much is it for foreigner. You can choose to wander around the area by yourself or have a tour guide to assist you.IMG_4070IMG_4071

As you can see at the photo above, the tree trunk is covered by some fabrics. Until now, I believe that those means that the tree is sacred and we shouldn’t touch or disturb it unless we will get cursed. The tour guide said that wasn’t totally true. As a Balinese, they have Hindu as their beliefs. They are taught to be grateful to nature and to what they lived from. So, annually, they prayed for each trees as the gratitude towards the nature that already grown so big to give them fresh air, to protect from the sun, and other things to be grateful. The fabric that covers the trees actually to ‘mark’ which tree they had prayed for.

Wow, that was very deep explanations about how they say thanks to the mother nature. I was so impressed. ❤


Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple


This forest is so big that I think you can spend hours inside. Don’t forget to buy some foods that you can purchase inside to feed the monkey and you can take photos with them (of course they will come to you when you have foods :p)

But please beware of your belongings if you don’t want the monkeys to steal it from you.


Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Street – Padangtegal Ubud
Gianyar – Bali

(+62) 361 971304
(+62) 361 972774






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