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Bali | 3/4 : Lunch with Batur Mount


Batur Mount (left), Agung Mount (right), Kintamani Lake (between the mountains)

We had lunch at Kintamani area, our driver introduce us with buffet lunch. This area is very famous with Batur Mount view while enjoying the lunch. Sari Restaurant was not too crowded when we arrived. But I saw some tables reserved from other tour. But luckily we got the balcony table when some tourists done their meals. 🙂


It costs Rp 100,000/pax to enjoy the buffet lunch. You can take anything from the buffet counter. The meals are Balinese specialties. Don’t worry for muslim’s tourist. All are halal foods. From veggies, meats, even they have banana fritters for snack. Hot coffee or tea to warm your body in this chill weather.

Don’t missed the Sate Lilit which is Balinese specialties. It’s a satay or skewer from minced meat or chicken mixed with grated coconut and coconut milk. The minced meat attached to bamboo stick or lemongrass stick usually.


Sari Restaurant

Jl Raya Penelokan, Br. Masem – Kintamani

09.00 – 17.00






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