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Bali | 4/4 : Tanah Lot


Last place I visited was Tanah Lot! The stunning seaside temple. Lucky for me, I came before sunset. 🙂 Tanah Lot is popular place to take photograph. It’s an iconic Hindu temple that stands above rock.


Tanah Lot Temple behind us


Tanah Lot had been part of Balinese mythology for centuries. It is one of the seven sea temples along Bali coasts. It is said that there is a venomous sea snake that lived at the base of Tanah Lot rock to protect the temple from evil spirits and intruders.

There is a myth that if you come here with your partner or as an unmarried couple, you will break up soon or your relationship won’t be long last. Well, I don’t believe it but better I don’t try. Haha


As the sun was going to set, many visitors sat by the rocks to enjoy the sunset. It’s a good chance to take silhouette photograph.


Before you leave, make sure to take a stroll around the shops that sell souvenirs, local foods and snacks.


You’ll have to pay the entrance fee per person and with your vehicle by the time you arrived the entrance post. The best time to come here is around 17.00 or 05.00 PM just before the sunset. When it is low tide you can visit the temple. But when it is high tide, you can see that the temple will be right in the middle of the sea, ‘floating’.

Some from my polaroids :


Finally it’s the end of my Bali trip. 🙂 Have you ever been to Bali? Share me your experience!


Tanah Lot Temple

Jl Tanah Lot, Kediri – Tabanan, Bali




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