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Bandung |1/5 : Bandung here we come!


Finally me and Mr.F had a trip again after we worked so hard last year for project opening. So, first week of January we depart to a big city, almost like Jakarta. But not as hot as Jakarta. It is because Bandung is a highland city.

We decided to have train as our transportation to Bandung, you know, because it’s still in the Christmas – New Year vacation period. So we expected by shuttle or bus or car would suffer from traffic jam. Another reason is Mr. F never go out-of-town by train before.

We had ‘Argo Parahyangan’ executive class train for our trip which departed from Gambir Station. Gambir station is the main train station in Jakarta that is used if we want to go out-of-town. If you’d like to have cheaper train price, you could go from Senen Station with economy class train. But I think there are not so huge different between executive and economy class. If I’m not forgotten it costs around Rp 120,000 / pax (we bought from Well it depends with the time of departure too. Just like your flight tickets and your destination.


Below is the interior of the train :


It was clean enough for me. 🙂 It’s been around 5 years since my last train trip out-of-town. The seats position can be changed the opposite way. To face the other side. I mean, in the photo above, the seats were facing to me. As we depart to the opposite side of where the seats are facing, the cleaner staff turn all the seats position to face the other side. The cleaner staffs worked very fast, cleaning all seats, changing the pillows, checking passenger seats, so on. They were friendly too.


Those vintage and broken trains can be seen when you arrived Purwakarta Station. I wish I could go down and took some photos with the trains as the background. It will be another bucketlist for me. 😀


You will expecting these green view by the window seat if you go with train! It reminds me of Tegallalang Rice Fields in Bali. We passed many small stations and villages before we finally arrived in Bandung after 3.5 hours. You’ll need some light jacket if you cannot stand the chilly weather.


Bandung Station is not as big as Gambir Station. Therefor, they have many small kiosks for you to buy their signature foods before you return home. There are a lot of hotels around the station for you to choose. You can find it in google because it knows everything. :p

We booked Geary Hotel, which recently opened when we booked last year. It’s located nearby the station. I really mean it! It took us 5 minutes to walk to the hotel. You can see the hotel from the station entrance.


It has a modern-retro kind of interior which is seldom for me to see. It has a stylish reception counter ( I love the lighting ). We couldn’t get the queen bed like what we ordered, but the receptionist were so helpful. He called Mr. F when we were still on the train and explained about the situation and gave us the solution to combine the twin beds into 1. So we could sleep together. We found some promotion for this hotel from for their opening promotion.



Geary Hotel

Jl. Kebon Kawung No.12, Pasir Kaliki, Bandung

(022) 20526888





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