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Bandung |1/5 : Paskal Food Market


Din-din-dinnerrrr time! It was raining that day (well it’s January-rainy season in Indonesia). Luckily we had poncho raincoats in our motorbike. Yea, we rent (technically borrowed) a motorbike from his colleague who stays in Bandung. Why we choose motorbike instead of car? We understand that it will be more comfortable for us to enjoy our trip and highland trip rather than motorbike. But…..I remind Mr. F again that there will be some traffic jams along the way. So we decided to choose the motorbike. We brought our raincoats from home just in case his colleague didn’t provide us one. He provided us 2 helmets too!


Paskal Food Market is a foodcourt in the shopping mall complex. It means, in this area, there are shopping malls (cinema, restaurants, supermarket, etc), some shoplots, and this foodcourt. Usually in Indonesia, foodcourts will have more choices than malls with variety of prices and foods. As we explore around, there were coffee shops, local foods, western foods, chinese foods, other specialty-foods from other region.


I ordered Lomie, I believe I only can find this kind of lomie in Bandung (never found this type of lomie in Jakarta). It’s a noodle with chicken (cut in cubes), water spinach, spring onions, mushroom come with thick sweet soup. This is one of my-must-eat food in Bandung. It costs Rp 28,600 (include VAT). I bought Ice Cendol Elizabeth, which is one of most popular drink in Bandung. What is Cendol? Find it here. The Cendol costs Rp 15,400 (include VAT).


These are some views of the food market :



vintage counter decoration

If you are staying at Geary hotel or around Bandung Station, Paskal Food Market can be reached around 15-20minutes (depending with the traffic) by motorbike and car. I personally think that the food price here is quite high, might be from the high rental price? I can find cheaper Ice cendol Elizabeth outside.


Paskal Food Market

 Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasirkaliki No.25-27, Bandung

Mon – Fri 11.30 – 23.30   /   Sat 11.30 – 00.30   /   Sun 10.30 – 23.30






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