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Bandung | 2/5 : Lereng Anteng


Lereng Anteng was his destination in Bandung. We saw this place in some articles that reviewed it. Finally, we not only read it but here we are!

Lereng Anteng located at Lembang area, highland area in Bandung. In my opinion, ‘Lereng’ means hill and ‘Anteng’ means calm or silent. In fact, it was quiet here! You can enjoy the view and the cold weather.

In this area, there were some restaurants or cafes. If I’m not mistaken there were around 5 places to eat. One of them is Lereng Anteng.


We arrived there after an hour trip with motorbike. The road was hilly and quite slippery due to rain on our way there. The parking area was spacious for cars and motorbikes. Most of the customers came with motorbikes. We looked around to find where is the Lereng Anteng cafe where we saw many plastic tents in the articles.


Cakrawala will be the first restaurant that we see from the parking lot. It was so eye-catching with the colorful glass dome in the middle. As we walked down the hill and walk to the backside of the restaurants row, we see the ‘castle-like’ building. It is the pizza restaurant right beside Cakrawala.


As we walk more, we saw some workers still doing construction to the pathway behind the restaurants. Most of the restaurants here has the back entrance, but customers only can access from the front entrance.



we can’t resist the view behind

Finally we walked up again and found Lereng Anteng. But it turned out that it was not look like our expectation.


These plastic tents was just like what we saw in the articles. But it was not as pretty as it seems. We expected it to be like a real tent where the entrance of the tent should be on the front side. But the plastic actually covers the view to the hills at the front. 😦 Also, there were no customers at the tent area (the tent is actually at the behind of the cafe) and no staffs stand by at this area too. So me and Mr. F thought it will be a hassle to make an order. Unlike the tent area, the terrace seats was already occupied with customers when we arrived. It was before lunch time actually.


terrace area

Mr. F peeked to the neighbor of Lereng Anteng and we decided to grab our lunch there. It is Tafso with the cowboy theme of decoration. The tents were nicer than Lereng Anteng (in our opinion).


There were small tents and one big tent. Small tents suitable for small groups or couple as the tent itself make a privacy boundary to other tables. The big tent is very good when you come with big family or held a small party perhaps?


Finally we got the view that we want! Enjoying the chilly weather while waiting for our rice bowl and sip our hot tea. It was very cloudy after we got our table. We hoped that it won’t be raining there but no. It was raining quite long time after that.


We ordered rice bowl. Him with his beef and mine with chicken teriyaki. The food was delicious but not satisfy us enough. Well we was not expecting the food but for the view. 🙂

Tafso itself was still under construction. There were some workers doing the pond landscape right in front of our tent which made me think that this whole area maybe were open a few months back and still improving.


There was another place to sit other than the tents. It was like a medium gazebo where you can sit on the floor and eat at the long table facing the hills. Oh before I forget, you need to pay Rp 20,000/person when you want to enter Tafso (I think Lereng Anteng did the same to prevent people enter the area to take photos only). Don’t worry this Rp 20,000 can be claimed when you ordered any foods and beverages from the menu.

Lereng Anteng

Jl. Pagermaneuh No. 57, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung




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