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Bandung | 2/5 : Floating Market


Floating Market..hmm..what’s come into your mind when you hear it? A market with hot air balloon? A market on the water? The answer is the second one. This place is a one stop place where you can eat, enjoy the scenery, playing with animals (sheep, chicken, duck, rabbit, etc), buy souvenirs, and so on.


Here you need to pay Rp 20,000 / person which can be claimed at the beverage counter at the foodcourt area to any beverages available. Well, it’s worth right?

It was raining heavily that day where I can see some places or roads were covered with water, especially the parking area. I walked very careful not to wet my shoes ( regret I don’t bring slippers 😦 ).


Above image is the map of whole area of Floating Market. As you can see there is a big pond in the middle. It’s a place where you can rent some boat or water bicycle to look around on the water. FYI, here you cannot pay in cash for most of the things. You need to go to the coin counter where you exchange your cash with floating market coin. Note : you cannot refund the coin that you didn’t use. So count wisely.

The Japanese Town was closer to our parking area. You can see below. It has many things from replica of Japanese House to Japanese souvenirs and you can rent the yukata too! (you can feed the fishes in the pond with Rp 5,000 fish food at the coin counter). Oh I miss Japan 😦


Since it was still raining (the rain got heavier after we arrived), we decided to look around the food court / floating market area. We exchanged our coupon for hot beverages (Mr F said their hot chocolate is nice!). We explore around to look for food to eat.


After the rain stopped, we continue to explore around. Here are some photos :

  • Rabbit House









  • Duck Pond
  • Sheep Barn (the cutest!)

    it is the most adorable than the others


    Mr F love it too!


    So he decided to buy food for them


    everybody is following him around then


    they become friends!


  • Kota Mini (Mini City)

    This is the last place that is located at the top of Floating Market area. You needed to pay another entrance fee to see inside. This place has many replica of buildings or city around the world. As if you were in London or Netherlands or other countries. But we decided not to enter since it’s getting late and we still had one more destinations to go.


Floating Market Lembang

Jalan Grand Hotel No.33E, Lembang – Bandung

Mon – Thur 09.00 – 19.00   /   Fri – Sun 08.00 – 20.00




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