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Bandung | 2/5 : Farm House


Hello from Hobbiton! Nah! I’m kidding! We came to Farm House, Lembang which is famous with the Hobbiton replica. You can see the comparison between me and Mr.F height with the Hobbit door! I’m so petite!


Here you need to pay Rp 20,000 / person for the entrance which you can claim for hot milk (original, chocolate, strawberry). Lembang is very popular with fresh milk. I ever visited one place to drink fresh milk where they have their own cow barn in Lembang (but sorry it was in childhood so I cannot remember). We prefer to claim it later on our way out because we wanted to be hassle free (not keep holding the drink cup around).

Speak of the devil, they have some calf here! Unlike local cow in Indonesia which has brown color skin, these calfs have black and white skin! It reminds me of New Zealand milk packaging in the supermarket. Haha There were other animals too, such as iguana, porcupine, chicken, sheep, etc.



the calf behind me actually biting my backpack T_T I was shock!

This place also had been designed like a small town in Netherland. You can rent the traditional clothes of Netherland and take photo around the ‘city’. It was quite a long queue that day so we decided not to take the rental.



Can you see the queue? it goes all the way up the stairs



It’s pretty isn’t it? Don’t forget to go up the mezzanine floor to see the view of Bandung City from afar.



Bandung City view surrounded with mountains

There are some area that has different building style. I think it’s like Middle east style?


The chandelier was so pretty! I wish to have one at home! Before we head back for dinner and hotel, we claimed our entrance voucher with Farm House milk. Mine was original and his was chocolate. Mine is too plain (I heard other staff inform the other customer that the plain milk taste a little bit sweet but mine was not sweet at all) 😦


Farm House Lembang

Jl. Raya Lembang No.108, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang – Bandung

09.00 – 20.00




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