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Bandung | 3/5 : TWO HANDS FVLL


My Morning Energy!

Finally I can sip a cup of coffee on the third day in Bandung. ❤ Finding this place was kinda hard. Because the signage was not so big to be seen. Some more this cafe also sharing the building with a property company where the company signage is bigger. There was a big bus parked at the parking lot (it added up our hesitation to enter the place). The coffee shop is located at the ground floor where the property company occupied the first floor.


The vespa is located at the front of the coffee shop entrance. It’s very classic.



view to the backside


outdoor seating


view from backyard

PP Sliders IDR 60

Ordered by Mr. F as his early lunch. It is a pulled pork, red cabbage slaw, aioli, homemade BBQ sauce on brioche bun w/ fries.


The pulled pork was very juicy and tender and the fries was crispy. Love it ❤

Hot Chocolate IDR 28


Earl Grey Pannacotta (I forgot the price)


This pannacotta was so nice! The earl grey taste so dominant and it’s not too sweet. The fresh fruits gave the sweet sour to balance the taste of the earl grey.

Hot Mocha IDR 30,000


Overall this place has nice interior and ambiance, delicious food, dessert and coffee!

Two Hands Fvll

Jalan Sukajadi No.198A, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung

07.00 – 20.00





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