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Bandung | 3/5 : Mimiti Coffee


Mimiti Coffee recently move to new place which is located nearby ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) at Jalan Sumur Bandung No.14. Previously it was located at Jalan Karangsari No.1 . Mimiti Coffee is one of the hippiest coffee shop in town where they have a very breezy outdoor seating area. They open early in the morning, 8AM, which means you can enjoy their coffee early if you arrived Bandung in the early morning.


“Mimiti” means first in Sundanese that’s why they open at 8AM to start the day.

Me and Mr.F could not spend the time at the outdoor because it’s still raining. The space was kinda occupied with mostly teenagers because it’s so close to the local university. Not only teenagers but also a group of mothers doing reunion with their kids around.


This place was simple yet homey (I want my home to be like this :p). The barista was friendly. Unfortunately due to many customers that day, some beverages were sold out. I was gonna try the coconut coffee but the coconut water was no more stock.


Short Macchiato IDR 23,000


We did not order any foods here because it was still early for our dinner or even tea time. While Mr. F enjoy his Ice Lychee tea and I enjoying mine, we planned for our next destination after this. We planned to visit Chinatown which recently opened by the Bandung Governor.


In this area itself, sharing between 3 shops. Mimiti Coffee, past tense and the restaurant at the front. Past tense is a film & camera shop where they can develop and scan your film. The staff said you can wait a day for the develop service.


Unlucky for me, my film has not finish yet, so I could not develop there. 😦


Mimiti Coffee and Space @mimiticoffee

Jalan Sumur Bandung No. 14, Simpang Dago, Lebak Siliwangi, Coblong, Bandung

Mon – Thur: 08.00 – 20.00   /    Fri – Sun: 08.00 – 21.00





2 thoughts on “Bandung | 3/5 : Mimiti Coffee

    • Well, for me it was not that worth. My coffee taste just like other coffee shops. But if you are looking for ambiance, well it might be worth. These days, most of the cafes and restaurants mostly ‘selling’ their ambiance and interior, isn’t it?


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