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Bandung | 4/5 : One Eighty Coffee


Do you ever try enjoying your hot coffee while soaking your feet at the pool? Well, I am! It doesn’t have to be your swimming pool at home. You can visit One Eighty Coffee because they have pool at their backyard!

They open as earliest as 8 o’clock in the morning, allow you to fix your caffeine needs before you start your day! Located at Jalan Ganeca No. 3 in Bandung which is a busy and crowded city in West Java. But here, One Eighty allows you to enjoy your cup of coffee, relaxing under the tree shade, while soaking your feet inside the pool. 🙂


While the pool tables will be allowed to be seated by 11AM, customers can enjoy their meal in the indoor area nearby the coffee bar. I came at 10AM where some customers already occupied some seating. There were some university students gathering at the first floor. Some parents brought their kids along too!

The entrance :


The Ground floor :IMG_9149IMG_9150IMG_9152IMG_9153IMG_9148IMG_9156IMG_9154


preparing himself before playing in the pool :p


The Second Floor :



The Mezzanine (for more privacy) :


While waiting for our order, I took some photos around


Sorry for the weird sitting pose, actually the chair was wet from raining last night!


Trilogy IDR 35,000

Mr. F’s ordered this and he said it’s delicious! It’s a three kind of ice creams with mix berries, almond crumbles and chocolate, they have the marshmallow too!



Hot Cappuccino IDR 26,000


Overall, this kind of place makes me want to come back again to stay for a longer time. It feels like home. ❤

One Eighty Coffee

Jl. Ganeca No. 3, Dago, Bandung

Mon – Sun 08.00 – 23.00 (Pool table from 11.00)




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