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Bandung | 4/5 : Wot Batu


Wot Batu located not very far from Selasar Sunaryo. You can reach Wot Batu less than a minute walk from Selasar Sunaryo. We did not know that Wot Batu is also Pak Sunaryo’s work before we ask the security outside. The security was very friendly and helpful. We decided to park our motorbike to heal our disappointment from Selasar Sunaryo. Admission fee is Rp 50,000 / person included with tour guide. The tour guide only available every an hour, lucky for us it was 12PM when we reach there. There were no one there so it was a private tour for us. 🙂


it means ‘welcome’ in Sundanese



The Entrance Rock


view from the entrance


view to the entrance

1. Abah Ambu


Pak Sunaryo’s concept always tells about dualism. Like you can see here, it has 2 rocks from different country. The terms ‘Lingga’ and ‘Yoni’ can be applied here, which represents man and woman, the same like ‘Abah’ and ‘Ambu’ means father and mother.



There is a mushola provided for customers who want to pray. The interior designed just like where Nabi Mohammad SAW prayed before (correct me if I’m wrong, this information explained by the guide). You can see the store there, which was taken from where Nabi Mohammad SAW was, said the guide.

2. A set of Batu Mandala


Here we see a set of three rock installations which represent human life.IMG_9312

The tree means birth from human life.


The second stone represents human life and the horizontal relationship with people and the surroundings. While the tall stone at the far back means human vertical relationship with the creator.


The third stone that has a shape look like a boat or ship represents human after life that will go around the afterlife world. That is why the ‘boat’ facing to the infinity pond. Why infinity? Because we don’t know if afterlife has an end.

3. Lawang Batu



This rock gate represents the gate to afterlife (to the infinity pond). Can you see a fingerprint above? It’s Pak Sunaryo’s fingerprint. Why a fingerprint? He was thinking that one day this place will be destroyed maybe by natural disaster or other things, people can remember about the rock. Usually people wrote names on the rock, but he put his fingerprint there.

4. Batu Api

Sorry I did not take photo here because too dark. Inside here there is a fire stone with fire keep burning the stone. Earlier in human life, they made fire from the fire stone to cook or keep their body warm. But currently, this installation actually using gas because they want to keep the fire burning 24/7.

5. Batu Air


Represents the afterlife. When I asked to her (the guide) about the shape of the stones, is there any reason or something. She said actually Pak Sunaryo has no reason with the shapes. But one of his friend who understands literature said that the stone shapes and positions represent of afterlife in ancient language (I forgot what language she explained). The calm water represents that afterlife will be in peace.

6. Wotbatu

Wotbatu is a stone steps that across the small river which separate the abstract works and logic works of Pak Sunaryo’s installations. It’s the same like left and right brain, logic and abstract / art mind. again.. dualism

The left side from the bridge, there is a stone which pictured where the stone source was taken.


Pak Sunaryo drew the mountains with the symbol of volcano or normal mountains.

7. Batu Ruang


It’s a dark room where the short video plays. The projector shot to the big stone that already carved. The video plays about earth and galaxy. It shows us that we are actually nothing in this infinity galaxy. We are just a very tiny planet.

8. Batu Sepuluh


Batu Sepuluh (batu means stone, sepuluh means ten). Represent God’s 10 Commandment List which been taught in Christian.

9. Batu Waktu


The text written on the wall means There is a past then there will be the future. If there is no past then there will be no future.

Batu Waktu is run by nature means by sunlight. If there is no sunlight, there will be no power to run the time so there is no more life. It really represents how our life and nature connecting each other. When nature or earth die, then us human too.


The guide explained to us that here there are 5 representations of Indonesia’s 5 religions. First is the mushola for moslems, then ‘lingga and yoni’ represents Hindu, ‘Batu Sepuluh’ represents christian and catholic, the last one will be Buddhist. It is the Bodhi tree that is the same tree where Siddhartha Gautama sat below it.


Deep isn’t it? I appreciate Pak Sunaryo’s work even more. 🙂

Don’t forget to exchange your entrance ticket to refreshment drink at the inside of the building.



staircase to toilet


view from inside to Batu Waktu



exit door


We thank you for the tour guide for the information and new knowledge and the security for helping us take our photos (he offered us to take our photos :p So cute).

Wot Batu

Jalan Bukit Pakar Timur No.98, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Bandung

Mon – Sun 10.00 – 17.00





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