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Bandung | 5/5 : Going home

Things we did on our last day :

1. Visiting Sunflower Garden at Paris van Java mall



It was the last day of the sunflower festival, we were so lucky to visit it before it closed. The entrance fee was Rp 5,000/person. Many flowers here already withered. It took us a half hour to explore the area because it started to rain.

Paris van Jawa mall

Jl. Sukajadi No. 131 – 139, Cipedes, Sukajadi, Bandung

2. Buy Makuta Cake

Recently in Indonesia cake shop opened by celebrities has been the trend. For Bandung, there are Bandung Makuta cake by Laudya Cynthia Bella, Princess cake by Syahrini and Gigi Eat by Nagita Slavina. Since a friend of mine ask me to help him buy Makuta cake, I bought it too as well.



Laudya Cynthia Bella


We bought Makuta Chocolate, Makuta Cheese and Makuta Blueberry. All costs Rp 65,000 each. The shop that we went is the first store opened in Bandung. Many reviews said that this place always has a long queue. But that day, I only need to wait for one customer in front of me. 😀

Makuta Cake

Jalan Van Deventer No.2, Kebon Pisang, Sumur Bandung, Bandung

10.00 – 22.00

3. Bandung Station

Finally it’s time for us to go home! Had a quick getaway this beginning of the year. Our wallet is getting thinner. 😦 Waiting for payday soon!



finally arrived Gambir Station

That’s all from me about my Bandung trip! (I shall continue my 2016 Japan trip…………. sorry, I’ve been procrastinating for a year >_< )



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