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Japan | 3/14 : Ibaraki, Osaka

Hey! It’s been a while since the last time I post about my Japan trip in 2016. I’m so sorry for a long pause. 😦IMG_7704

On our third day, we planned to visit Ibaraki to see Tadao Ando work, the Church of Light. How I know him? Well, first time to hear his name was during my modern architecture lecture class long ago in university. His style was minimalist with raw or exposed concrete wall mesmerized me. He is a Japanese with his signature style, double up my adore to him. So while I had the chance to visit Japan, I took the opportunity to see it with my own eyes.

Departed early from Shimoshinjo St to Osaka St and had our breakfast there around there. We had Yoshinoya beef bowl set (I forgot the price). Back in Jakarta, I’d prefer Sukiya than Yoshinoya, more to the taste than the price (I think Sukiya taste better, and Yoshinoya price is higher than Sukiya in Jakarta). But here, most of the beef bowl restaurant has almost the same price for the meal set.


Busy morning in Osaka



Yodobashi, is one of the biggest electronic store in Japan (it’s everywhere!)


An empty tunnel shoot while I across the pedestrian



After we filled our tummy to warm ourselves, we head back to Osaka St to depart for Ibaraki St.


on our way to Ibaraki

Here we are! In Ibaraki! The sky was so blue that day and the weather was not as cold as the first day we arrived in Japan. Ibaraki was not as crowded and busy like in Osaka. Everybody drove their vehicle in peace, no honks like in Indonesia. Haha. It was so weird here (for me), I didn’t hear people chit-chat, loud talks, etc. Even when we were sitting at the bus stop, all I can hear is the lady from the opposite mini mart promoting their promotion, the vehicles sound, birds chirping, just like that.



We waited our bus for a while, directly heading to Church of Light neighborhood. It took us around 30 mins to reach. The bus dropped us at the bus stop in front of a park where they have a field for the kids to play soccer. There’s a temple there too.


As you see the photo above, you can see 2 bamboo decorations on my right and left side. It’s a Japanese style of decoration for New Year.


From the bus stop, it’s not far to walk to Church of Light. It took us 5mins walk we can explore the neighborhood too!




Church of Light was built in 1989 by Tadao Ando with total area around 113sqm, just like a size of small house in Japan. In this church, they have 3 areas, the church, the chapel and the minister’s house.

The Church :


Before you visit, please make sure you check their website. Because they have their own visitation hour to let you walk around and not disturb their prayer. Public won’t be allowed to visit during Sunday prayer time. You can check it out here. I think they added up some restrictions, the last time I checked before my visit, they were not as strict as now.

It was quite a lot of people when we went inside the church. So I couldn’t take photos with no people inside. 😦


After a while, I managed to get 1 photo with no one


The outdoor :

You can take some photos at the outdoor with the exposed concrete. 😀


coat asosshoes berrybenkascarf H&M legging & inner Uniqlotartan dress

The Chapel :


Peace, isn’t it?

While we still waiting for the bus, we took our time to explore the neighborhood. I’m was so excited! Always see in anime or dorama, now I seen it myself.



Corn Soup! my first vending machine drink


Don’t forget to take photos with the manhole in Japan! Each area has different design! 😀

Church of Light

Kita-kasugaoka 1, 4-3-50 Osaka, Japan





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