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Japan | 3/14 : Shinshaibashi


Glico man! The most iconic ‘man’ in Osaka! He is so popular that everybody must took photo with him if go to Osaka. :p You can take photo on the bridge in front of Shinsaibashi street.


the view of the other side of the bridge

Here we are in Shinsaibashi, the most popular shopping street in Osaka. From drugstore, Osaka souvenirs, snacks, desserts, etc.


You’ll find many restaurants with their iconic signage so that if you cannot read japanese, you know what items they sell! Psst..some of them can move too!



Some foods I tried here :

Hop Chou Cream


We tried the Hot Original Custard for winter menu. It was warm and delicious! The size was not small, even we can share for two.



Nikuman is a pork bun with minced pork, onion spring, shiitake mushroom. It’s so juicy and best to eat warm. Nikuman will start to sell during cold months, autumn and winter.


See? The filling is so generous! Unfortunately, I walked too far to return to the nikuman shop again. I should bought two nikuman because one is not enough!



Who doesn’t know Pablo for their cheese tart? Make sure you come and visit Pablo (almost everywhere in Japan). Their signature cheese tart come in 3 flavors, Original, Matcha and Chocolate. The original flavor comes in 2 version, Medium and Rare. Medium version is just like the normal cheese cake where Rare version is more molten and flowy.


They have the Christmas Cheese Tart version too! 😀 Well but we chose to buy the original version for our breakfast the next day. A cold winter weather doesn’t make me refuse to try their soft served cheese ice cream. It was soft and the cheese flavor isn’t too strong but still delicious. The texture was creamy and smooth makes you wanting another cone!


But don’t be surprised, every Pablo has a long queue. We were lucky, arrived quite fast because after we lined up, a number of customer join us in the queue. Hehe


It was a long walk for the day. Mr F surprisingly bought a bubble bath powder for me to soak myself and relax my body. ❤


As you can see in the photo, I stretched my legs to maximum. I’m 5′ height, so can you imagine how small the bathtub in Japan is? It’s so compact! I sat in the bathtub and my legs can reach to the other end. 😀 Amazing! It’s suitable for me as a petite ! :p




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