While strolling at Fushimi Inari neighborhood area, I suddenly stopped. I was analyzing whether is it true that I see a coffee shop at the shrine area?

Vermilion is the name. A small cafe at the front but spacious inside. A small cafe in the middle of small neighborhood.

The name was kinda similar to me, but can’t remember where I caught the name of Vermilion.

Without hesitation, we entered this cafe. It was like, ‘Finally I found coffee in Kyoto!’ my heart says.


The barista who service me was a western man. He spoke japanese fluently with his colleague. I ordered green tea latte while Mr. F ordered a hot latte. We really need a hot drink after hike the mountain and relax.


Hmm..fresh from the oven!

While I ordered our choices, Mr.F walked outside to find a place to seat. I was not paying attention to what’s outside. But when I see the outdoor seatings, it was a very nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax while basking under the warm sun.




It was so peace outside. Listening to the nature, sipping a cup of coffee and just stay silent…enjoying warm sunlight with a little cold breeze. The other customers was speak silently, made us hesitate to talk a lot.  Very zen-like atmosphere that literally oozed out of this magical part of Kyoto.

LatteGreen tea latte

I can’t remember the price we spent here. But trust me, this place is a good place for a relaxing place after long walk in the shrine area. I’m not sure for other season. But it was nice to sit outside during warm winter. 🙂


Vermilion Cafe

5-31 Fukakusa Kaidoguchicho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 612-0805, Japan

9AM – 5.30PM




Coffee, Food, Japan, Kyoto, Photography, Travel

Japan | 4/14 : Vermillion Cafe


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