Go! Go! Curry happened to be around our next destination which is Pontocho. Mr.F recommended this place. He tried it a few times before and it’s popular with its pork katsu curry.

This is my first time to see the self service order in a Japanese restaurant. I was so excited to see how Mr. F ordered the food!

He helped me to order mine as I not read katakana well enough. Basically you can just choose the menu (easier to look at the image), choose the size of your meal then insert the money to the machine. Once it’s done, the machine will give you the ticket which will you give to the staff later on.



Most of shoplots in Japan is very narrow but has second floor as the area for customer to sit and enjoy their meal. The ground floor is for the restaurant kitchen. There were some local teenagers had their meal there and a western lady. I was surprised that the lady was alone. She is so brave! If I were her, I might be lost because japanese people rarely speak english.

Here are our meal~


His meal, XXL!!


Mine, S size 😦 So small

From the photo above, you can see the difference of the meal size. I wish I ordered like his meal. The pork katsu was crunchy enough that I want to order the katsu more! The sauce compliment the katsu well and was not overwhelming.

Next destination, Pontocho here we come!


75 Nakajimacho, Sanjodori Kawaramachi Higashi Iru, Nakagyo-kuKyoto 604-8004, Kyoto Prefecture





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Japan | 4/14 : Go! Go! Curry


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