Nishiki Market, a most popular market block in downtown Kyoto. Known as Kyoto’s Kitchen where people can find many Kyoto’s specialty foods, ingredients, souvenirs, even fresh seafood! Nishiki market is actually five block long shopping streets! I can’t imagine how long will people spend the time here.

But too bad, we weren’t know it closed by 6PM. We were late….


Even the shops closed, but the market street remain clean and dry. No smells along the market area, trashes were on the road side and tidy in a plastic bag. I hope someday my country can apply this kind of habit in the future. 🙂



when traditional meets modern

I saw a concrete torii in the middle of the Nishiki Market area. Even though the torii was standing between the two shops on the left and right, but they still keep the torii remain in the original position. Can you see that the building actually make some space so that not disturb the torii original shape? 🙂



In the middle of the market area, we found Nishikitenmangu, a shinto shrine. It is known for its lanterns, bronze cow and spring water.


Look at these yummy food sample! *drool*

Many restaurants and cafes in Japan has a window display to display their food sample in front of their store. Japanese people creatively made all those food sample which looks so real and makes people drool, including me ! :9

Went in randomly to a pachinko place because I was so curious what is looks like inside. I just saw it in the movies haha I took the chance to see it myself. It was not as crowded as what I expected. But Mr.F said usually it is crowded. Many Japanese likes to spend their time here trying their luck. 🙂 I did not took so many photos because I’m afraid it’s actually prohibited. I imagine there are some gangsters there if I took photos without permission. :/


Not far from Nishiki Market, we found Shinkyogoku Shopping Street Union. It’s a long street full with shoplots. The shops are varied from foods till fashion. Unfortunately, most of the shops here are closed at 8PM. We went there quite late and some shops closed for the day. But there were still many people around.

Found these interesting shops :


Some Kyoto life at night :



Nishiki Market

〒604-8054 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward

9.30AM – 6 PM

Shinkyogoku Shopping Street Union

〒604-8046 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto

12PM – 8PM



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Japan | 4/14 : Nishiki Market


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