Remember Tadao Ando? I went to Ibaraki to visit the Church of Light. This time, I went to visit Garden of Fine Art Kyoto. It is an open-air fine art museum that displays near-life sized reproductions of famous masterpieces on porcelain panels.


Garden of Fine Arts from opposite road

Unlucky for us, the museum is closed for the Christmas and New Year holiday. It would open for public again after new year that time. Me & Mr. F couldn’t make it because we will be in Tokyo on that date. 😦

Cheering myself, I took some photos from the entrance which displays one of the masterpiece.


It’s a reproduction of Claude Monet’s work ‘Water Lilies Morning’. It is an oil on canvas that has 1,275cm length. This masterpiece welcome the visitor at the entrance with two intertwined ramps descending below the street level that creating a series of chance encounters between art and the visitor.

The neighborhood :

What I love in Japan is even the bus stop provides a wifi! So convenient for a tourist who don’t purchase a sim card. 😀

Another convenient thing is when your bus reach certain location, the circle in the bus stop and change to next circle so you will know where is your bus right now. (Sorry I can’t explain well 😦 )

Lesson that I learnt, it will be better not to visit Japan during year-end, because most of the tourist spots will be closed for holiday. 😦


Garden of Fine Arts

1-4 Shimogamo Hangichō, Sakyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 606-0823, Japan

9AM – 5PM




Art, Culture, Japan, Kyoto, Travel

Japan | 5/14 : Garden of Fine Arts Kyoto


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