Kimono Forest accidentally found when we were wondering around Randen Asahiyama Station. We saw some glass pillars with pretty kimonos inside which leads us to rows of other 600pcs glass pillars.


The photo above taken before we went to the bamboo groove. We thought that it will be a lot prettier when the sky is getting darker. So we went here back from the bamboo groove.

The pillars are made with fabric dyed using the traditional Kyo-Yuzen technique, a style of dyeing and printing used to create the brilliantly coloured Yuzen Kimono in Kyoto.


I think why it’s not so popular among tourists or even I never see people took photos here because it is located at the back area inside Randen Arashiyama station. Not many people explore deep inside the station.


Believe me, when it’s dark, this place is magical! The lights inside the glass pillars shine the kimonos which bring out all the colorful colors from the fabrics.

Mostly the visitor are the locals not the foreign tourists. It was not as crowded as the bamboo forests which made us enjoy to wander inside the kimono forest.


The “Pond of the Dragon” or Ryu no Atago, named after the Dragon of Tenryu-ji Temple, which serves as the guardian of the station to ensure that everyone has a safe journey. It is located at the end of the forest. Many people come here to pray for their dreams and life goals.


It is said that each pattern of kimono textile was carefully selected by Yasumichi Morita, the artist of this project. The original idea of this installation was to “give a fresh air to the station while still keeping the old tradition”. He wanted to give a new life to this station so more people will come and enjoy their time at the Arashiyama Randen line tram Station.


There’s no entrance fee for this, so no worries. Feel free to visit and enjoy the place as much and as long as you can. 🙂


Lucky for us, there was a Japanese lady that offer to help us take photo together. It might be because she see us keep taking photo for one another. :p


Tadaa~ Finally we have a nice photo here

Kimono Forest

inside Randen Arashiyama Station

Illumination from sunset till 9PM

*best visit at night



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Japan | 5/14 : Kimono Forest


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