For heavy-duty clothes / around 12kg

It was a cold and lazy morning. We woke up not as early as the other days. But it was still early. It was around 8AM we purposely woke up just to visit the coin laundry just at the corner of our airbnb area. There were no one there, I thought we will bump with some locals. Actually, Mr. F chose this airbnb because it was close to coin laundry which is very convenient for us. We weren’t brought so many clothes. You know, winter clothes are thick enough to fill our luggage. So doing laundry is the best choice to save more space in the luggage.

It was very cold and the rain sums up the coldness. The neighborhood was quite empty, well, I’ve seen some people passed by with bicycle or cars. But rarely seen people walked. Maybe it’s because they went for work or school at that time.


We brought our Pablo cake with us too because Mr. F said that it will take a time to wait the laundry. We were kinda sleepy that morning because of pack trips for the last few days and we went home late everyday. So that morning we started our day slowly.


yum yum :9


It is cheap! 300 yen for the whole laundry thing. But still exclude the drier. Well we planned to use our heater in the apartment to dry the clothes. We didn’t mean to be stingy, but during budget trip, every cent is really valuable! Haha We bought the detergent sachet at the convenient store last night. It is because coin laundry is a self-service laundry, so you better prepare everything yourself.


At the end, we chose to use the yellow laundry machine because it’s cheaper and suitable with our needs.





I sat at the washing machine while waiting our clothes washed inside the top washing machine. The bottom supposed to be the drier.

It took us around an hour to finally got it done and brought the half-dry clothes to our apartment.




What do you think to do laundry during your trip? Will you do the same like us? Share with me!




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Japan | 6/14 : A Laundry Morning


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