Today we will explore the famous aquarium in Osaka. It’s Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan or simply called Kaiyukan. This aquarium had been open for 28 years (same like me) since 1990. Kaiyukan itself is one of the largest public aquarium in the world.

Back in my hometown, we have a public aquarium too. It’s called SeaWorld which had been opened since 1994. SeaWorld is not as big as Kaiyukan but still nice to explore what’s inside the sea.

After doing the laundry, we departed to Osaka station to catch the train to Ōsakakō Station (大阪港駅). Osakako station is the nearest station to reach Kaiyukan. As we reached Osakako station, we felt that this station specially designed to show that there is an aquarium nearby. The station painted in blue color which represents the sea / water. 


As we almost reached the exit, I saw a whale painted on the ceiling. We are getting closer! So excited!


The rain stopped when we arrived there. It was still cloudy but the weather was nice to stroll around the area. If you can’t read japanese, you can always just follow the giant ferris wheel because it’s in the same area with Kaiyukan. When you see the ferris wheel in front of you, then you are in the correct way.


The Tempozan ferris wheel, a 112 meters-height ferris wheel standing in front of Kaiyukan. Ride it to see Osaka Bay, Ikoma Mount, Kansai International airport from the sky! It has 100 meter diameter that made it called the giant ferris wheel. You can purchase the ticket together with Kaiyukan for 3,000 yen or it can be purchased separately for ¥800.


But first……let’s go to Kaiyukan!! Follow me!

When you see the ferris wheel in front of you, just across the road then you’ll arrive at Tempozan & Kaiyukan area.


The two whale sharks figures at Kaiyukan façade, represents the number of whale sharks that Kaiyukan has inside the aquarium.


Admission fee 2,300 yen (Kaiyukan entrance only)

Before the entrance of Kaiyukan, there is a photo spot by the staircase.



A tunnel tank welcomed the visitors after the entrance. You will feel like you are under the sea but not wet and drowning. You can peep to view Osaka Bay from the window.

Japanese Forests


Aleutian Islands


We saw a sea otter for the first time outside the TV! It was big and cute! I feel I wanna hug it if I can! It was the only sea otter in the area (I didn’t see the others that time). She was floating on the water and cleaning herself! So adorable!

On the 10th October 2017, Kaiyukan decided to let Pata, the female sea otter lived out her life. It was born at Kaiyukan in 1996.

Ecuadorian Jungle

It was the first time for me to see the Capybara! It’s the largest living rodent in the world.



I think somebody adore itself so much that it can’t look away from the mirror. The penguin was stay like that for long time and before I left the area, it was still staring at the mirror. Haha

Let’s continue in the next post!


Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka City 552-0022 Japan

2,300 yen (adult)

10AM – 8PM







Japan, Minato, Osaka, Photography, Travel

Japan | 6/14 : Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan


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