Hopped out from the bus from Shijonawate arriving in an empty neighborhood nearby the train station. I can’t remember which train station we went to. It was just 5.30PM there but rarely people to be seen.


School students in their winter uniform

Spotted a group of students waiting for train home in the station.

We headed back to Osaka and checked our bus earlier this time. We would not want to repeat the same mistakes like we missed our bus on our first day. 😦



cat beanie|BLXS


sweater, scarf|H&M

cullotes|a gift from mom

panty hose, inner|Uniqlo heattech


It was so windy that night, we prefer to sit and warm ourselves inside the waiting area at Willer bus station. Willer is famous with the night bus service and it departs from Umeda Sky Building. We did not have a chance to go to Umeda observatory. 😦 We planned to visit it next chance.

We bought lots of snacks when we went to AEON Shijonawate. My favorite snack is Calbee Jagarico (pink, blue, red paper cups filled with potato sticks with different flavor). I found amazake (a traditional sweet non-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice) – the blue box package beside Bikkle bottle. Also I got to try Bikkle, it’s a yoghurt based drink that popular in Japan. The taste is similar with Yakult.

Since we arrived too early then the bus departure time (we arrived 3 hours earlier), we decided to explore Yodobashi. Yodobashi is an electronic mega store located not far from Osaka station (but quite a long walk from Umeda). Any electronics that you want to find, you can find it there. From large appliances like TV or washing machine, photography equipments, until electronic accessories they have it for customers.


inside Yodobashi


‘I have my eyes on you dude!’ *0*


My kind of corner ❤

At last, I bought some instax films for stocks (so much cheaper in Japan!) and a hair curler (our curler back home was burnt). Mr. F still has his Yodobashi member so we got discount for our purchases! 😀 I wish I brought more money to buy the cameras like Holga or Diana.. 😦

Some Christmas illumination still remain around the streets.

Finally we are back at Umeda. A glance of Umeda Sky Building :

Umeda Sky Building

The ring in the middle reminds me of ring of fire, but it’s actually the lighting.

It was 10PM when finally we were called to hop on our night bus!! Can’t wait to sleep!


That’s our bus!

Inside the bus, all the seats are individual seats. There are three seats in a row and the seats by the window has a curtain to cover for privacy. The seats already decided so nobody can take free seats on their own.

The Willer bus terminal has a lot of facilities for travelers. They provided some PCs so you can stay online, vending machines, coin lockers, powder room,  and importantly is free wifi!

The night bus is very convenient if you want to safe accommodation for a night while you can sleep on the bus as you also travel to the next destination. It took us 9 hours till we reach Tokyo. Our bus final destination is Tokyo Disneyland. There were no toilets inside the bus, but the bus will stopped at the rest area by the highway every 2-3 hours.


The rest area in Japan was amazing. Why? Other than it has large parking areas for buses and cars, they provided not only toilets but also showers and the area were so spacious. During daytime, there is minimart, restaurants and souvenir shop.



Willer bus terminal Umeda


You can book 3 months in advance.



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Japan | 6/14 : Night bus to Tokyo


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