おはようございます! Good morning!

We got off from the bus in front of Osaki Station around 7AM. It was a very warm morning with a clear weather. A morning time when there are a lot of suit & tie people walking to the station or their office. We grabbed our light breakfast at the minimart nearby because the food sold outside the shinkansen station much cheaper.



Japanese people always wear black color as office attire



It was my first time experience the shinkansen trip. I was so excited to be onboard! It will be a 3-hour trip to Yamagata area. Can’t wait to see our onsen for the night!

A few minutes after our departure, we can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji (富士山 Fujisan). Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan that located at Honshu Island. I’m planning to visit Fujisan for the next trip to Japan.

We passed by a city that look like not as busy as Tokyo. From afar, there were many hills that covered in fog. The weather was quite different from Osaki when it was sunny and warm. It was kinda foggy and cloudy there.

Right after the city border, it felt like we went through a different world. When suddenly everything outside the window turned white! There were no snow at the city before and suddenly I see snow. My first snow *o* . I’m a person who always sleep during a long trip but not for that day. The moment I saw the snow, I decided not to sleep. I feel like I can just stare by the window for a long time. It was so mesmerizing.


and then all of a sudden the snow fell.

12PM, we arrived at Oshida Station, Yamagata.

and met this fluffy cat~


But first, warm drink from vending machine!




It was my first time trying a hot onion soup in a can. It was tasty and importantly warm the body quite well for me. But I still prefer the corn soup that I tried last time.





Mr. F said that the shuttle from our onsen still has not arrived yet. So curiously, I walked outside to see what’s around Oishida Station. It was cold and breezy outside even after the snow fall had ended.


I’ll continue the trip to onsen in the next blog! Stay tune!





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Japan | 7/14 : Morning at Osaki, Shinagawa


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