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Japan|8/14 : Morning in Notoya-ryokan


おはよう ございます ! Good morning!

We had a great sleep but not enough. We want to stay here for more!! 😦

Brushed our teeth, refreshed ourselves then we rushed to dining room. All the breakfast served there for everyone. Each table represents each room number. It was our chance to see all the visitor who stay in Notoya.

It was 8.30AM we arrived at the dining room. Some tables were already empty and still have other 2 tables from other two rooms. I recognize a table with family from Philippine. A family with two daughters I met when I soaked myself at the outdoor onsen last night. The mother was very friendly and shared stories from their trip. She told me too that she planned to visit Jogjakarta in Indonesia after the trip from Japan. 🙂

His and mine. The breakfast portion was less than the dinner portion. But full of good nutrition


Japanese cuisine always have fish with it and not to forget pickles, and salad

Let’s see them one by one :


Don’t asked me what are those, but I love them all! (The blueberry cream as the dessert was yummy)


Salmon, my love! ❤

Always love to have half boiled egg for breakfast! I’m so happy! Cracked it and put it at the bowl below the egg stand

The softest tofu I ever ate! The ‘cup’ above the hot-pot lid is the salty sauce for the tofu


Miso soup, my other favorite

Our tummy filled and we are happy! It was not as full as last night, it was just fine. 🙂 I love to see Japanese pottery. Like the egg stand and the hot-pot, they think further when they design it. What I mean is the sauce cup has the purpose to be located at the top of the lid which to make the sauce cooked together as the tofu boiled too. Another thing is the egg stand on the lid and the bowl below as a place to crack the egg and enjoy it. Also, all Japanese pottery are gorgeous! I want to own one someday (I should save more money)!


Left us the only table occupied because we were the last couple entered the dining room. Oops! The lady who served all of us then tidy up everything, from the chairs until all the dinnerware.

It’s the view from our balcony. 🙂

So it’s time for us to return to our room and get ready for onsen time! Yay!



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