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Japan|8/14 : Airbnb at Itabashi


Arrived at Itabashi station around 3PM. The sky was overcast, the sun supposed to come out at this hour usually. The weather still looked like 7AM in the morning.


Itabashi, a small city in Tokyo area. It was not as crowded as I expected. But this area is full with housing area with minimarts and supermarkets at every corner.

View in front of Itabashi Station

We needed to walk to reach our airbnb. It was written that it will be around 10 minutes walk from Itabashi station.


Found this cute bike (I called it mom’s bike). It’s for a mother with 2 children and the plastic cover is to protect them from sun and rain. There’s none like this in Indonesia


The road was quite empty eventhough it was after 4PM


Multi-storey parking is very popular in Japan. It’s because they has few land with many houses around. Most of the houses here has no garage and the street is quite small to park the car in front of the house. Japan government provided the multi-storey parking lot not only for cars but also bicycles. I like the idea of this parking type since in my country, often neighbors argue because somebody parked the cars in front of their house.


Can you spot Mr. F?


Vending Machines can be seen everywhere in housing area completed with the garbage bin

It turned out that our airbnb was not as near as it’s written in the website. It was actually quite a walk to reach Itabashi station.



Finally, we found our airbnb!

We reached our airbnb after 30 minutes walk! It’s located at the 3rd floor of a small apartment. The host was an expatriate who married with Japanese lady. He owned 3 rooms there, which 2 rooms rented for the airbnb. Don’t be surprised, this kind of apartment has no elevator there, so yeah, we carried up our big luggage (mine is the biggest) to the 3rd floor. It was quite a workout for us (well we’ve trained to carry luggage with long staircases since our day 1) because the steps is so small. But our host was so friendly and helpful that he actually offer and help us to bring one of the luggage.


This is the view from our balcony


We got our tatami room, was not expected to get a tatami room actually. But we were happy to sleep here. On the right side we have the traditional built-in wardrobe. It was bigger than in Notoya-ryokan. We can store all our 4 luggage inside.

The airbnb has separated bathroom and toilet which why I love Japanese house. You no need to wait for other people if you just want to use the toilet while the others have their time showering. The host allowed us to wash our clothes using his washing machine but only during morning time.


We took our time here to stretch our legs, transfer photos, tidy up some clothes, and planning what’s next. I realized that I left my camera fabric cover and my gingko leaves that I brought. I left them at Notoya. 😦 Those were the biggest gingko leaves that I ever get. I left my Icoca card too when I was in Osaka, before head back to Notoya.

This is the dining room and kitchen. The right side from the kitchen is our room and behind me is the bathroom and toilet while on the left side from the kitchen is another room for airbnb. The sliding glass door at the kitchen goes to the balcony. The balcony connects to my balcony and the other guest balcony.


Mr. F found a beef bowl restaurant on our way to station. It’s Matsuya Beef bowl chain restaurant. It was my first time eating here, but I fell in love right away! IMHO, the beef bowl here is so much nicer than in Sukiya or Yoshinoya. Price is similar but I like the menu variety here. The place is not big as Yoshinoya we visited at Osaka and less customer too. I think because it was not dinner time yet. I saw 2 foreigner staffs hired here. They had basic japanese conversation skill with their home country accent.

So what’s our destination next? Let’s see in the next post! See you!






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