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Japan|8/14 : Venus Fort, Odaiba

The colorful illuminated ferris wheel can be viewed as we exit Odaiba train station. Ferris wheel can be seen everywhere in Japan, I bet they love to ride it so much. Well ferris wheel or visit a theme park are another option as romantic place to spend your lover ( I saw this in many mangas and animes).

Do you know that Odaiba is actually an artificial island?


Another thing that caught my eyes was a limousine (this is my first time to see it) come and parked at the opposite road. I was not expected to see a limousine in Japan. It’s because my boss said that car in Japan is so expensive. I think it’s either a very rich Japanese man or a rental limo.


We walked to Venus Fort, it can be seen from the train station as well. It’s a shopping mall in Odaiba area. It was a large shopping mall. We didn’t plan to go for shopping, just chill and look around.


The beautiful fountain can be found at the center atrium of the mall and a classic song will be played every one hour there. Here, at the center court, I can see many visitors while at most of the corners inside the mall it was quite less visitors. Venus Fort is just like other shopping malls with fashion shops, foods, electronics, etc.


It was until we found a antique car museum at one corner of the mall.



I met this cute little red car with the Snoopy doll there.




The car above is the most favorite classic car that I like here. It was very classy!


After we went out from the car museum, we walked around again and found a shop called Village Vanguard which sells many things, from snacks, gachapon, clothing and any collectibles. Gachapon or capsule toys machine can be seen in many places in Japan. I was looking for souvenir for my sister and I found a machine with Adventure Time cartoon series. It was my last coins in my wallet and I hope I could get her fave character.


aaaaaaaaanndddd I got it!!! I got Finn! Her fave character! ❤


Mr. F with Totoro and group of kitties (I bought the black kitty in the middle for my sis)


Lucky me, there was an event for Kyoto foods. I was so excited and looked for matcha products! Yeah I know that we just visited Kyoto but we did not buy so much food because afraid the luggage will be full before we end our trip.


Look what I bought!


I bought 1 matcha choux, the cream was rich of matcha with it’s bitterness. I want more 😦


The other one was matcha soft cake. It was so soft with the matcha cream in the middle


Next, we will visit the Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba! Stay tune!


Venus Fort








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