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Japan|8/14 : Diver City Tokyo Plaza


Diver City Tokyo Plaza, a popular place in Odaiba to meet the 1:1 scale of Gundam statue. Gundam is a very popular anime from Japan which about robot in human life. I was eagerly to visit this place because it will be dismantled on March 5, 2016. It was our chance to see RX-78-2 Gundam before it’s gone. Currently it is replaced with RX-0 Unicorn Gundam statue since September 24, 2017.

We needed to take a walk from Venus Fort to Diver City Tokyo Plaza. There were not so many people around. The place was so peace and relaxing with the breeze from the sea.


We found the Gundam statue right on time. It was during the time the statue lit on and  move. The statue’s eyes lit up and the head turned left and right while the chest vents emitted smoke.


Tadaaaa! That’s the comparison between the life size of Gundam and me

Japan always have something with illumination. They always decorate many places with lightings example is the staircases in the photo above. I don’t know whether because it is winter time (yea they have some areas with gorgeous illumination because it’s winter) or it’s permanent installation.

Then we entered the plaza and found a takoyaki shop. We weren’t hungry actually. But just feel like getting some light food to eat. This takoyaki is filled with tako or baby octopus that cut into small pieces. Mr. F is not a good friend with seafood, so he ate the flour only and he gave me the tako pieces. He enjoyed it though 🙂

Odaiba is one of the tourist attraction where in this plaza I met many Indonesian tourists which made us feel like we are not in Japan. Haha


Good bye RX-78-2 Gundam! Thank you for the chance to see you!

It was quite a long day for us, because we went back from Notoya then rest for a short time. We went home after from the plaza.


We found these cute snowman at the corner of a shop when we walked back to our airbnb. It was adorable. See, Japanese has something with illumination. Hehe The street was quite empty when we walked. I know that Japan is one of the safe country in Asia but still, I have many things in my mind and many ‘what if’ in my mind. Don’t worry, we arrived safe and sound. ❤

Found these manhole designs on our way home

When we arrived home, we just realized that we forgot to visit another place! It was the Liberty statue (replica) and see the rainbow bridge! 😥 So sad

Next post will be another adventure to share! See you!






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