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Japan|9/14 : Aoyama Flower Market

Flower + Tea = ❤ 

Finally! I’ve got to visit the Aoyama Flower Market! The unique thing with the flower market is that they have the tea house too! Before we went to Japan, I’ve searched about it and love at the first sight! 

We arrived around 10.30 and there was quite a long queue waiting to enter the Tea House. It took us around 30 minutes waiting there but it was worth. Well, it was a popular tea house in Minami Aoyama after all.

Let’s see inside!



There is a blackboard on the wall right beside the beverage counter. The blackboard shows what’s the weekly flower they display in the store. The theme of that week was ‘Mum’.

We decided to sit at the long table by the window. The seat was facing the tea house backyard. The afternoon sunlight shone through the window which brighten our tables.

So many flowers inside! So refreshing! It’s a great place sit while enjoy the cup of tea and chill from the busy life in Japan. 

Tables were occupied mostly with adults, I saw 1 or 2 teenagers here. They were enjoying their tea alone or accompanied with friends. Even though there are many customers here, it’s not that noisy. It is because Japanese people appreciate other people personal space.

What did we order?

TEA! We love tea!

Earl Grey Tea


                               Seasonal Blend Tea


Mr. F chose the classic blend, an earl grey tea pot while mine was the seasonal tea blend. The seasonal blend came with apple, spearmint and flower. It taste fruity, sour and minty at the same time. This blend was refreshing! The beverages cost around ¥700 – ¥800.

Roses Jelly

Yasss! I ordered Roses Jelly to fulfill my sweet craving. The jelly was so soft that it breaks easily when you scoop it. When I put it in my mouth…emmh…it melts right away.. so goood! It taste very light and not sweet. I could feel the rose fragrance from inside the jelly. I never had this kind of jelly before. I fell in love with it. For me it’s unique and I felt that it was really made from natural ingridients. It was garnished with edible flower (I believe..I ate it though) and a spoon of cream. It came with a small bowl of cool creamy vanilla ice cream.


I ordered the dessert because I planned to buy other street foods on the way to DisneySea. On the other hand, Mr. F ordered a light snack. He had the sauté mushroom on top of  bread come with carrot salad. I bet the portion size was not enough to fill his tummy. :p We loved the mushroom

Enough for the chit-chat, I wanna show you around some photos inside the tea house.

The Flower Market :

You can ask the florist to make you a flower bouquet there, I saw a man was waiting for his bouquet.

These decoration above were sold to celebrate the year end or new year celebration.

Overall, I hope I can visit Aoyama Flower Market next chance either at Minami Aoyama, or at other branch. Who can resist enjoying a cup of tea surrounded with flowers and greenery. ❤ 


Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

5-1-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Mon – Sat : 11.00 – 20.00  |  Sun : 11.00 – 19.00

They do not accept reservation




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