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Japan|9/14 : DisneySea (I)

Disney here we go!! ❤

So so excited! It was my first time to visit Disney! We didn’t plan to go to Disneyland but we went to DisneySea. Why?

After I browsed through internet, some visitor’s comments, some snacks there, some popcorn flavors, etc etc.. (yeaa..mostly in my mind only foods! :p ) I decided to visit DisneySea as my first experience.

One strong reason was because I saw this alien mochi in my friend’s instagram before and I asked him where did he buy it. Lols!


Adorable isn’t it??? Please say yes!

Alright, first we departed from Aoyama Flower Market to Omotesando Station.

Omotesando Station via Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (green line) – Hibiya Station – change via Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (grey line) – Hatchobori Station – change via JR Keiyo Line (red line) – Maihama Station.

Hope my direction will help you. >_<

In one station that we stopped, I finally found KOROT. I found it before when I browsed through internet before I came to Japan. I couldn’t believe that I finally found it! Sorry I couldn’t remember which station it was.


What is KOROT? It’s actually a dessert, wrapped crepe, with many fillings inside. There are so many flavors / fillings that you can choose. I wanna try all!!! T_______T It was cost varied from ¥180 to ¥260 each depends on which flavor you choose.

I chose the seasonal flavor, Strawberry with Double Chocolate! It costs ¥260. It was so yummy. The crepe was soft with the fresh strawberry inside. The cream was sweet but not overwhelming with some crunchiness from the chocolate shavings. The strawberry was quite big in size and I love it! ❤

Finally we arrived at Maihama station! Let’s take a selfie~



Here we are! We arrived in Disneyland!!


It was kinda chilly and windy. But the sky was so clear in that day with the sunlight too. I thought it will be quite warm that day.


So many kids, families and teenagers when I was sitting outside Maihama Station. It felt suddenly that it was in Neverland. A place where there are only laughter, happiness, excitement, so many positive energy here. It was so contrast from the city, where I see most of the citizen were so serious, individual, rushing here and there and wearing boring black and white suit. Here, it’s so cheerful!


Another selfie~ Can’t resist the cute decoration that shows the Donald and Mickey wearing the Japanese traditional clothes / kimono celebrating for upcoming New Year.




Mr F bought wrong ticket for me. He bought me 1 day pass for the train which means I can go back and forth with the trains unlimited times! I don’t mind! It means I can keep the card as a memento ❤

1 day train pass cost ¥650.




This video I recorded inside the Disney train. I got the front view. 😀 So happy! The first stop was to the Disney Resort, to drop some visitors that will go to the hotel. In the video shows a beautiful pedestrian way. It’s allowed visitors to walk if they don’t want to go with train.


so many cars!!!!

Alright, sorry for so many videos in this post. It’s because I was so excited to share with you guys what I experienced there!




Since me & Mr. F planned not to play any attractions here, we chose to purchase the 4PM entrance ticket. Unfortunately, the ticket for 4PM was unavailable. So we needed to wait for another 2 hours more. We arrived there by 3PM expected just to wait for an hour. 😦 It was very very veryyyyyy cold out there! 😦


I’ll be your Minnie for a day ❤




polkadot jumpsuit  heycanna |

   shoes berrybenkascarf H&M |

legging & inner Uniqlo 







Here are some of the photos, while we killing time for the entrance time at 6PM.


Was standing there, trying and hoping that the sunlight could warm my body. But none.. 😦 My Uniqlo legging was thin, even though it was heattech version. It felt like I my legs were naked.


The new year souvenir with Mickey as the Japanese traditional mochi stacked together. It costs ¥1,300.


Mr. F sitting there in cold and shivering (me too..). While we decided to open our bento box. Hope if we filled our tummy, we will feel warmer. But noooo……… 😦


Last photo for this post, it was me, frozen, in the middle of Belle’s hometown from Beauty and The Beast. This is still outside of the DisneySea entrance. Stay tune for next post to see inside the DisneySea!


DisneySea Tokyo

1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan

08.30 – 22.00

Entrance Fee : ¥7,400 full day   |  ¥4,200 6PM session






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