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Japan|10/14 : New Year’s Eve


This was our New Year’s eve dinner. It was a very simple dinner we had to celebrate the end of 2016! Haha

Gusto at Ikebukuro-eki Higashiguchi, Mr. F sometimes went there when he was still studying in Japan. The food was quite affordable. He said that this family restaurant is very popular among teenagers to study. It is because they can just order 1 meal and refill the drink unlimited times! There is a free wifi service too!





The other table nearby ours, they just ordered drinks and stayed for sometime. They were studying there. Haha Even it is a family restaurant, I seldom see a family as the customer. I saw 1-2 kids around but the kids were not noisy or make a scene here.

It was a very late dinner or should I say supper. It was around 10PM when we reached Ikebukuro. We were exhausted and well, we don’t feel that hungry. But we must fill our tummy.



It was my soup. It was considered as a light meal here. Why I choose the soup because it was kinda chilly in the winter, so I wanted to eat lots of healthy foods like lots of veggies inside this meal. The warm soup to warm the body too. The veggies were so fresh, the soup was not that salty. I’m not sure whether they put the salt inside or not. The meat slices was not so much inside the soup. But I did not want to be sick during this trip, because there still more plans and many walks that need to be done!



We ordered the french fries too. It was very thick, not so crunchy but not that soft too. It was not as salty as the McDonalds’s fries. But it was OK. It was quite plain though.



Other snack we ordered was the Butter Corn hotplate. Mr. F miss this meal very very much that he was happy when he ate it again. He highly recommended it to me. It was delicious and salty (from the butter). It was the saltiest meal we had haha other than the other two meal. The next time I come here, I want to try the Edamame hotplate (upper left) and also the Horenso (spinach) with bacon hotplate (bottom right). Both of them looks appealing in my eyes. O_O


His meal

Alright, about the New Year’s eve in Japan. Don’t expect anything so festive like in other countries that celebrate the count down with fireworks, parties, live musics, etc. In Japan, it was very silent night. But! You will see the crowd of human everywhere inside the shrine. Most of them, or can I say all of them? Will celebrate their new year’s eve and the new year in shrine / temple to pray. There will be lots of street food stalls there.


Empty streets



Street in our neighborhood


Unfortunately, we did not go there. It was too late for us. Mr. F asked me if I want to see the shrine. But, I’m not a fan of super crowded place unless I have a very good reason to go. We were exhausted for the day too. A little bit part of me wanted to see what’s in the shrine, what happened, and feel like the locals. But the body said it’s time to go home. 😦

I decided to just go home, rest and have a good night sleep. The next day we need to wake up early and if we had no enough sleep, it will be a bad start till the end of the day, right?

The situation of Ikebukuro area when we just exit the Metro Station. It looked just the same like normal night. It did not look like it was a New Year’s Eve.

Ah! A memorable thing in the night was Mr. F gave me surprise. While we were tidy up our backpack and luggage, he suddenly put a necklace on my neck and whispered that he wanted to be serious to me in this relationship and he plans to marry me. ❤

I just couldn’t say any words and I just hug him. ❤




Gusto Ikebukuro-eki Higashiguchi ( ガスト 南池袋店  )

2-24-5, Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (7F)

Access : Seibu Ikebukuro Line Ikebukuro Station 3-minute walk

07.00 – 05.00, the following day


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